EVEOGANDA Presents – 1v1 Eve Comic Video #1

Eveoganda presents the very first 1v1 Eve Comic video! A charming and delicate story of infamous pirate Rixx Javix’ very first solo kill in Eve Online. Enjoy.

Video: Delve Under Siege! *fixed*

OMFG this is EPIC:

In the words of George Constanza: “I think it moved“
– R
Post Edit Ninja by Dsan:
This video was made by a guy in Hun Reloaded, Nulli …

Video: GoonSwarm Federation and their Thundercats.

A player sent us a correction regarding yesterday’s article on GoonSwarm Federation’s Thundercat.
Hi Riverini,
The CFC uses 10mn AB Tengus (PL Fit), not 100mn AB …

Video: Everlasting II – Korvorix’s PVP + WIN Mashup

Korvorix new video is a powerful mash up of jazzy grooves and solo PVP. Enjoy.
Video: Everlasting II – Korvorix’s PVP + WIN Mashup

Ships Flown: Myrmidon, Dominix, …

In Rust we Trust: Awesome Underdog Minmatar PVP montage.

EveOnDemand mashed up this awesome underdog ownage video, in it the protagonist flies mainly a Minmatar Rupture against some pretty unsetting foes.

Hello everyone.
This movie …