VIDEO: Hel down to Impass

Video recording of Comrades of Two Hel being caught and killed in Impass by Stain Empire.

VIDEO: Feythabolis reconq. TR07-S/E-PR0S

Video from the battle around the last timer of TR07-S station between Stainwagon and The Initiative., Dead Terrorists and Circle of Two. The latter forced to jump into Stainwagon …

VIDEO: SysK Nyx killed afk by Stainwagon

Systematic-Chaos (SYSK) Nyx killed by Stainwagon forces while being afk at tower.

VIDEO: The Initiative. Firewall

New The Initiative. (INIT) tactics used against drake army of Stainwagon during the battles in Feythabolis and Impass. Very impressive usage of smartbombs against incoming …

VIDEO: S9X CVA vs Providence NIP

Video from battle in S9X-AX (Providence) between CVA + allies and New Providence NIP.
System …