VIDEO: BLAST titan jumps instead of bridging

During the latest battle in Fountain, a Black Star Alliance (BLAST) Titan jumped instead of bridging. With 130 Goons and Allies in the target system, madness erupts on comms. …

VIDEO: Dec 2 GE-8JV Heavy Rain battle

2 Dec 2010 – GE-8JV – Stainwagon drake army vs INIT/IT Alliance (Drakes + HACs +

Curse local population kills WN Aeon

White Noise. (WN) learned today, that you should better be carefull if you hotdrop some random local alliance, you donĀ“t even know. Fight was initiated by BAT PHONE Alliance gang …

VIDEO: SW melts WN. and CO2

Stainwagon defeats White Noise., Circle of Two and Ethereal Dawn in AZN-D2 (Feythabolis).