Video: Hallan Turrek’s Eve News Now – Week 1

This is EVE News Now, an audio summary of the major news stories from each day of last week. A transcript is provided after the video.

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Video: Hallan Turrek’s Eve News Now

This is Eve News Now, I’m going to go over the entire week of Eve News, right now!

Transcript provided for reference.
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Week 52.
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EN24 WEEK: Issue 51

This is a complete new weekly series, that will go through all memorable events that were commented on EN24. If you have read every story during the week, this might be a short …

Video: Hallans Turrek’s Eve News Now! – Week 51

This is Eve News Now. – a day by day update of Week 51
I’ll be doing a summary of the last week of news in EVE every week. Transcript is posted for reference and and …

VIDEO: INIT baby Nyx dies with 13 carriers

Video of StainWagon killing The Initiative.(INIT) CSAA with Nyx inside in build together with 13 triage carriers trying to repair it on the 7th December 2010.
Battlereport: …