D-3GIQ Fight

Dingo and Makalu duked it out in Delve an hour ago.
Honey badgers were shooting structures with dreads, some carriers, and a handful of supers, when their subcap fleet got bored, …

Delve War: It’s was all just a Big Joke!

A DekCo insider brings us his after thoughts on the recently finished Delve War.
Delve War: It’s was all just a Big Joke!
I feel like the comedian in watchmen saying its all …

Parody: Titan

An musical parody by Test’s own Sindel Pellion on the Delve campaign.

[spoiler]I’m on a titan ready for fightin’
all of our fuel we spent on you
Where have your …

Meanwhile, In Delve

The structure grind continues.  A massive super cap fleet has formed to bulldoze their way through piles of systems coming out of reinforce timers and reinforce the remaining …

RAW FOOTAGE: July 4th Battle for 319-3D

“See you in 319!”

This video is raw footage from the perspective of the Honeybadger aHAC fleet. Despite running into a bug where probes would not work to get us …