Yesterday in 49-U6U

Tl;D… watch:
Test fielded over 900 ships on the final timer for 49-.  PL brought nearly 200 ships additionally (primarily slowcat carriers).  FA came down looking for …

Pre-Game: Battle for 49-U6U Final Timer

The final timer for 49-U6U is here and this promises to be an epic battle of unseen proportions since -A-‘s defeat of the Drone Russian Federation.
On one corner, …

Battle Report: Querious Weekend – 49-U6U

Battle Report: Querious Weekend – 49-U6U
Mission Objective (Completed) – 2nd Reinforced on I-HUB in 49-U6U
The Against all Authorities’ -A- Team Fleet Formed …

Video: TEST – The Grind (July)

Another excellent video by TEZ Saurus:
Video: TEST – The Grind (July)

Download link:
Three regions in 30 days. Sup? Also …

Battle Report: Fight at D-3GIQ

While Bagehi briefly exposed what transpired during the fight, we got a full battle-report for you now – written from a Deklein Coalition grunt’s