Delve: Original Ballad

An original ballad by Test’s own Lieutenant Gan on the Delve campaign.

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Video: Delve Cleansing

Delve seems to be a catalyst for creative Eve videos:

From the Test Department of Propaganda.
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Eve Online Inferno Scorches the Mittani’s Knickers; CCP Turns Down the Heat

If you have been following the scandal, Jade Constantine was the igniting force behind the resulting “emergent gameplay” which came about with the new war declaration …

Poetic Discourse: The Jade Constantine Conspiracy

EVE University graduate. Drama Llama. Covert operations pilot. Poetic Stanziel has been very active in the blogging community bringing views from seasoned high-sec pilots, we …

Nulli Goes Back to Back With PL/Test

Two fights in about two hours.
The Build Up
For those of you who haven’t been following the Delve conflict, it has been going on for a little over a month now.  Initially, …