Sovereignty Skirmish in Scalding Pass

The following battle report was submitted by The Panther. Edited for publication.
Sovereignty Skirmish in Scalding Pass
Last night as I logged on to chill a call came out …

View: Through The Eyes of a Deklein Coalition Grunt

View: Through The Eyes of a DekCo Grunt

“We cannot exist […] with our enemies to the north”
– The Mittani, SOTG Address
Tenal is burning and Raiden. either can’t …

Adrenaline Reaper Explains Why He Disbanded TCU

[spoiler show=”This is AR’s response to a previous EN24 article”]On TCU Popping
Eve News 24 was contacted shortly after posting the article by someone …

On TCU Popping

[spoiler show=”We’re not talking about structure shoots here”] Territorial Claim Unit Alliance is no more
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far …

Khanid Coalition and Atlas. infrastructure and participation in flames

Despite fierce resistance carried out by Against All Authorities and their allies, Pandemic Legion (PL) successfully destroyed and several infrastructure installations of Atlas. …