Video – Syndicate’s Agony Empire

We went live to Syndicate for a reality TV take on null-sec street justice.
For obvious tactical reasons the broadcast was delayed by 20 – 30 seconds – Now we get to …

Rote Kapelle and Ninja Unicorns: Dreadnoughts at Dawn.

When speaking about null-sec PVP is easy to overlook the Syndicate region, but the reality is Syndicate is one hell of a place if you are in the market for somee high-octane small …

Video: Outmanned. Outgunned. Outlasted.

The once mythological good-fites are definitedly returning to Eve Online, the gears of wars are in motion in several regions and shit is hitting the fan almost everywhere. Having …

MIAMI Style: Ares Protectiva smacks null-sec chavs for good – pity the fools as they learn their lesson.

Ares Protectiva [ARISE] is a mostly french null-sec alliance, which is a rare sight since the long dead of Tau Ceti Federation, today we bring u a nice battle-report sent by one …

Battle Report: The Ballad of the Muppet Ninjas.

A Ninja Shanty
Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the colors high.
Heave ho, Muppets and Unicorns,
never shall we die.
Syndicate, burns again.
Your tag means nought to me.
Nor in low …