Battle Report: Super Capital Die-Day Recap

Today it seems to be a day a good day for supers to die. 5 supers have died so far and the day hasn’t even finished yet. Time for a quick recap!
The NPC Aeon

this Aeon was …

*UPDATED* Battle Report: ROL/-A- vs. Unclaimed. and 3 Dead Supers

This BR was translated from Russian. Original post can be found on
Station in BJD4-E belonging to Red.Overlord was coming out of final reinforce.
It was …

Bloodbath in Delve

I’m sure half of you would be happy with just a:
TL;DR A big fight happened in Delve, supers and caps died.
The rest of you will probably …

The Invisible Fist of Darwin: Freighters & Supers

Last month, I wrote an article pointing out some of the more… ridiculous loss mails of super capital pilots.  It was well received.  I received requests in the comments as …

The Battle of Aeschee

Editor’s note: One of the most notorious pilots of New Eden, organizer of the upcoming Hulkaggedon competition, Helicity Boson has been on the blogging scene uncovering the …