Mabrick: Upcoming Enhancements now on SiSi

A picture is worth a thousand words or so the saying goes. I figured that in this instance, that would be true. So, I logged into the test server Singularity, SiSi for short, and …

K162 Space: Dust 514 Market In Eve

K162space is Blake, haav0c, and James.  They know about coding, trade hubs, PVP, and w-space and aren’t afraid to share their knowledge.
K162 Space: Dust 514 Market In …

DUST 514 Running on Sisi

Well, what I can say? CCP Games is delivering on this front!
DUST 514 Running on Sisi
Best Internet Spaceship pilots!
Today on August 27, 2012, we have reached another milestone …

DUST 514 On Sisi

You heard it right, DUST 514 and Eve Online integration is here… well sort of:
DUST 514 moving to Singularity on August 17

In preparation of settling DUST 514 into the New …

Mining Barge Changes Already on Singularity Server

Redditor nuadi posted yesterday a piece outlining the mining barge changes which are already on the Singularity test server:
The new changes are on Sisi so I started experimenting …