States of Entanglement: CSM Townhall Meeting – The “I have a life” version.

Chiralty made a quite useful quick reference guide transcripted from the Council of Stellar Management Town Hall meeting which was held this past Sunday.

Recording: Terminator Get Sent to da Future to FC John Connor!

Seriously, we need more of this guy! Brilliant! Thanks to Wey from -FU- for the heads up.

– R
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Leak: The Jagged Alliance Meeting Recording.

In the wake of getting kicked of the Honey Badgers Coalition.
Then the following email was broadcasted to the alliance:
From: martyr12
Sent: 2012.11.04 06:07
To: …

Nulli Secunda Forms Coalition – Moves South (NCDot Update!!)

Nulli Secunda held an alliance meeting today. I will sum up the soundcloud for the finer points:
– Nulli Secunda will be moving South to Immensea
– Nulli Secunda and …

Recording: Let the Vale Fall – Musical Dedication

With the CFC moving into Vale with little to no resistance, we can all sit here and wonder what NCDot is thinking. It appears a pilot from Southern Comfort may have given us our …