Leak: X13 rumored to Leave Raiden.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone following X13 performance during the later part of the Tenal “defense”.
Leak: X13 rumored to Leave Raiden.
Today a …

Friday The 13th Wrap Up

This week has seen some pew pew.
The South West
Red Alliance and Nulli have been duking it out.  Fighting escalated here, before Pandemic Legion entered the region, smelling …

Tenal Falls to DekCo – is Tribute coming Next?

I’m back from Easter break, hope you guys have enjoyed yours. I got a ton of news to post, so let’s gets started shall we?
Raiden. Alliance forfeits Throughout Tenal …

View: Through The Eyes of a Deklein Coalition Grunt

View: Through The Eyes of a DekCo Grunt

“We cannot exist […] with our enemies to the north”
– The Mittani, SOTG Address
Tenal is burning and Raiden. either can’t …

* BLOGGED *: Deklein Coalition vs TEAM TECH – ROUND 2.

Round 2
Battle reports will follow soon.
Tenal Battle Day 2
[spoiler show=”Show round one”]
Round One
The battle for Branch contirnues as 500 …