Battle Report: E-YJ8G

Things heated up in E-YJ8G as a Pandemic Legion slowcat fleet got tackled in the system. Several hundred Domi’s and Tengu’s poured in system in an attempt to kill the …

Updated: A Storm of Cats – The U930-A Carnage (Cache) + Video

riverini here! I have revised Sergo’s heavily Russian battle report and fixed a couple of things. I also added a video of the engagement. Enjoy!
After blueballing for a …

Regional Update Feb. 2013: Dronelands – Out Like a Lamb

Pandemic Legion propaganda chief and CSM7 delegate brings us his (often controversial) regional updates. Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, ’cause the Land of Drones is going

Leak: The Legion – War Update

A bit late, yet still relevant here is the latest War Update for the Pandemic Legion troops. Read on, from the desk of Ebenezer Shadoo .
– Mactep’s titan …

Endie: GoonSwarm Alliance Update – Vernichtungskrieg: War of Extermination

Editor’s note: GoonSwarm minister of propaganda Endie has a knack for good writing, we present you both in the latest GoonSwarm Federation alliance update.

Here’s a …