Nulli Secunda Forms Coalition – Moves South (NCDot Update!!)

Nulli Secunda held an alliance meeting today. I will sum up the soundcloud for the finer points:
– Nulli Secunda will be moving South to Immensea
– Nulli Secunda and …

Seraph IX Basarab: Analyses of Mittani’s CEO Update

Hello, I am Seraph IX Basarab. I’m an apolitical entity within the Eve universe enjoying pvp in various parts of 0.0 with a small gang of cloaky fag terrorists. This will …

Battle Report: H-W9TY Speedway Sov Squad – In Color! + Hitler gets word.

Here is a decent Battle Report for H-W9TY like the ones you will never find in riffraff outlets.

The DOT Brothers called for a Coalition wide CTA to counter the last timer in the …

Leak: Vera Cruz Alliance Schism and Standings Reset.

Leak: Vera Cruz Alliance Schism and Standings Reset.
From: Vangrifen Valder
Date: 2012.10.02 02:53
To: Vera Cruz Alliance,
Its time for a full reset.
As everyone already …

Video: How that Legion of xXDEATHXx Titan got Warped

This is definitely the quintessential awoxing video, depicting yesterday’s titan kill from start to finish – apparently the spy was smart enough to figure out to which …