Battle Report: E-YJ8G

Things heated up in E-YJ8G as a Pandemic Legion slowcat fleet got tackled in the system. Several hundred Domi’s and Tengu’s poured in system in an attempt to kill the …

Verge of Collapse Nyx dies at the hands of RED Alliance & Friends – 27 billion in Damages.

For the last couple of weeks three Verge of Collapse Nyx’s had been hotdropping ratters in the Insmother region killing a lone archon with a few close calls for others. Then …

*LIVE STREAMING * Breaking: Capital Brawl Brewing in U93O-A (Cache)

The U93O-A’s I-HUB timer is up and both the SOLAR FLEET home team and the N3 invading army are fielding their

Updated: A Storm of Cats – The U930-A Carnage (Cache) + Video

riverini here! I have revised Sergo’s heavily Russian battle report and fixed a couple of things. I also added a video of the engagement. Enjoy!
After blueballing for a …

Propaganda Mondays! Nulli Secondhand Best Secondhand

Here is another awesome video, this time is from the NULLI Secunda alliance, nobody can argue this is indeed one of the most improved alliances