Battle Report: E-YJ8G

Things heated up in E-YJ8G as a Pandemic Legion slowcat fleet got tackled in the system. Several hundred Domi’s and Tengu’s poured in system in an attempt to kill the …

*LIVE* Battle For 9UY4-H *LIVE*

Mad Ani is streaming the fight in 9UY4-H.The fight is being prepared from both sides so be sure to watch the firework!
Watch live video from Mad_Ani on

Battle Reports: Black Legion Super Cap Welp

Yesterday night, a successful attempt of baiting Black Legions performed by PL which resulted in almost 900 bil losses including 28 BL supers .
It all started with Perseus …

Battle Report: Super Capital Die-Day Recap

Today it seems to be a day a good day for supers to die. 5 supers have died so far and the day hasn’t even finished yet. Time for a quick recap!
The NPC Aeon

this Aeon was …

10 Years of EVE Online

May 2003 was a fun time for those fortunate enough to have heard about a little known MMO called EVE Online. Released across North America and Europe, it introduced us to a galaxy …