LEAKS: FA Rumors

Yesterday the following ping was send out to the general FA memberbase.
(10:13:47 PM) [email protected]/xmpphp:

Leaks: FA Leadership meeting

Yesterday night Fatal Ascension Leadership held a meeting to discuss their upcomming deployment and some minor changes. Below you can listen to a recording of this meeting …

Leak: Tribal Band’s future plans and challenges.

The HBC is currently under going throughout a series of changes and so does Tribal Band which is one of its biggest alliances, today we got the following forum leak in which …

Leak: The Jagged Alliance member throw in the towel in Alliance-Wide mail.

I bet nobody saw this one coming… just kidding, as Rome burns revelations begin to appear from disgruntled players:
Pop smoke and toss in the Frag
From:Vida …

Leak: Vera Cruz Alliance Schism and Standings Reset.

Leak: Vera Cruz Alliance Schism and Standings Reset.
From: Vangrifen Valder
Date: 2012.10.02 02:53
To: Vera Cruz Alliance,
Its time for a full reset.
As everyone already …