Leak: CVA to -A- “Fight Us Maybe… Please?”

Leaked from a CVA forum, this details the adventure of Hidetoshi Rushd in his attempt at a cap free fight between CVA and -A- in 1-1.
Leaked: CVA to -A-: “Fight Us …

Against All Authorities Move to Lonetrek – Payback is a bitch.

You got that right, today Against All Authorities deployed in the Lonetrek region, their mission: a Deklein Coalition griefing campaign at their low-sec staging systems at the …

Leaked: RAWR! – Morsus Mihi Military Orders / Ally Update.

Vlade Randal, Morsus Mihi diplomat set out their orders for Delve in the following email, nothing earth shattering but still fun to read:
From: Vlade Randal
Sent: …