Das Loot: New Caldari Tier 2 Destroyer Hull Leaked?

Sarmatiko has a history of leaking ship and modules models out of testing server/client data, he was in fact the man who brought us the first looks into the Cambion and Etana …

RAW: It was an Amarr Victor after all – Ushra’Khan dies

RAW: Amarr Victor at last – Ushra’Khan dies
Death of U’K
From: Tempest Zeta
Sent: 2012.06.19 00:42
To: Ushra’Khan,
Brothers and Sisters of …

Video: Check out the Pimp-Mobiles to be Awarded to the ATX winners.

Sarmatiko – yes, the same guy who brought us the first glimpse of how the new stealth bombers looked like – released today a new video featuring the Prize Ships to be …

Leak: IMPERIAL LEGI0N’s Response to War.

IMPERIAL LEGI0N’s Response to war, and current internal issues.
(This was intercepted by a spy with access to their mailing list.)

member participation
From: …

GSF CEO Mini-Update – Post-Jita Mayhem

This was submitted a few days ago and I never got around posting it. Pretty much everything stated here already happened – specially the White Rose part. Still a good read …