The Nosy Gamer: CCP’s War On Bots – Accountability

Excessive exposure to magic and chainmail bikinis along the way led to a fascination with unusual topics that cloning technology just couldn’t cure. The Nosy Gamer an obligatory …

This one shall (Scalding) Pass!

Let’s change the pace and introduce a bit of variety on the menu, here is an update from the Scalding Pass region.
This one Shall (Scalding) Pass!
Bringers Of Death have …

Dev Blog: Alliance panel at FanFest 2012 – The Conclusion

Originally posted here.
Dev Blog: Alliance panel at FanFest 2012 – The Conclusion
As some of you might have heard, one of the Alliance leaders speaking at the Alliance Panel …

Blow by Blow: BDEAL Reset by the Deklein Coalition.

This weekend they got robbed by Luav an unstated amount of cash:
Bdeal seems to be dieing, losing most of their assets to a theft that has been tottally been shielded of …

Leak: “The Legion” War Update – February

Another leak, from the desk of Ebeneezer Shadoo. PL enemies; beware!

Pandemic Legion – The War Update

Fіnally, thе USTZ/EURO Late Ops Are Here
I was supposed to do …