WoT: Freightergate 2012, Fatal Ascension vs. Fidelas Constans

Get ready for a Wall of Text of epic proportion as courthouse took the time to explain the whole FA/FCON mess in the GoonSwarm Federation forums.

Freightergate 2012, Fatal …

Leak: Fidelas Constans Situation Update.

Here is an update on the FA/FCON conflict:
Situation Update
From: Tarkinius
Sent: 2012.01.16 07:12
To: Fidelas Constans,
Before I go into this, I recognize that what I say is …

Trouble in the Deklein Coalition – FA / FCON Double Dipping Moon Feud.

In to JewYork! space-jungle where dreams are made, oh!
FA’s point of view: FCON is stalling handing over tech moons in pure blind, when other CFC alliances has already done …

Primer: The Current Political Map

Primer: The Current Political Map

Deklein Coaltion / Goons

Members – Goonswarm Federation, Fatal Ascension, Get Off My Lawn, Razer Alliance, Gentlemen’s Agreement, …

The Noir. Mercenary Group Bicentennial Celebration Extraordinaire – Special Edition with Flair.

The Noir. Mercenary Group wants to celebrate their anniversary with a bang, so they have decided to break the previous record of the most war declarations ever mad(22) by issuing …