Video: Eve Online FanFest 2013 – The most exciting Nerd Convention since World War 3!

Once again, I will not be going to the fanfest but for the rest of you lucky ones planning to go and party at the top of the world, here is a nice CCP Games sanctioned

TwoTwins in EVE: #60 – Legalise RMT!

TwoTwins is a weekly youtube feature high-lighting Eve events in a commentary fashion, Hosted by Delonewolf. Enjoy and subscribe to them!
TwoTwins in EVE: 60 – Legalise …

Bagehi’s Fan Fest Day 2 Wrap Up

Day 2.
A recap of all the bombs I heard from Day 1:
Support ships (such as logistics) will get a mirror of the gate/station timer of any ship they repair.  So, if you provide …

Bagehi’s Fan Fest Day 1 Wrap Up

It has been an insane week.  I came to fan fest, having watched the EveTV coverage of it in the past.  I had hoped to record some of the important roundtables, assuming they …

Dev Blog: Alliance panel at FanFest 2012 – The Conclusion

Originally posted here.
Dev Blog: Alliance panel at FanFest 2012 – The Conclusion
As some of you might have heard, one of the Alliance leaders speaking at the Alliance Panel …