Pirate factions express interest in Covert Research Tools

CCP has made the first step towards more cloaky ships with the SOE ships that came out with Rubicon. Today the following news was shared with the EVE community earlier …

World News: Businessweek covers Eve Online economy.

Caught this nice little read on my corp forums and thought I’d throw it out there for you guys to read. The whole thing is TLDR to post in full so here’s the link. ~ …

Greedy Goblin: The scam of James 315

How to get rid of an unconfortable idea? Champion it

TEN: Eve Online – The Age of Rage

This is the first in a series of introspective articles commemorating the upcoming EVE ONLINE’s tenth aniversary on May 6th. Feel free to send yours
In an effort to …

Jester’s Trek: Travel advisory – Luminaire

I cannot possibly express how awesome I find this:

A friendly message from the GM Team regarding current events in Luminaire
reported by CCP Falcon | 2013-03-21T16:58:24Z
The GM …