Battle Report + Video: Legion of xXDEATHXx and GENTS clash with 401K / FATE / FU in Ohkunen

On Friday 1st March a tower belonging to The Retirement Club (401k) was reinforced by Gentlemen’s Agreement and friends in the US TZ, but thankfully the owning corporation, Shiva, …

The siege of K3JR-J: a few minutes of capital mayhem

As you might remember, Goonswarm Federation FC Dabigredboat has been busy in Venal, camping the K3JR-J station in order to disrupt Black Legion’s activities in the area.
Also, …

Recording: Terminator Get Sent to da Future to FC John Connor!

Seriously, we need more of this guy! Brilliant! Thanks to Wey from -FU- for the heads up.

– R
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Battle Report + Video: Drunkenness ‘n Disorder in Black Rise

As some of you might know, Black Rise is the place of a nice rivalry between Snuff Box [SNUFD] on one side and Dunk ‘n’ Disorderly [–FU-] and Lost Obsession [FATE] on the …