DUST 514 Dev Blog: Visual Effects Design in DUST 514.

Players tend to forget DUST 514 is it still in Beta period, I have to praise the visual style implemented and while I would like to see livelier maps (a la Halo), I cannot put in …

Dev Blog: No Brakes – Ship and Module Balancing in Retribution 1.1

We have rebalanced Frigates, Mining Barges, Destroyers, and Cruisers. In total fifty nine ships have been either added to the game or received the Tiericide treatment as of …

Dev Blog: Corporation Recruitment Improvements for Retribution 1.1

Good news everyone! We here at Team Pony Express are continuing in our mission to revamp, rework and improve parts of the EVE Online client which haven't been touched in a …

Dev Blog: Little Things from Super Friends!

The WarDec UI is gettign a revamp and CCP Punkturis throws the following blog explaining what’s

Dev Blog: The New Ships of Retribution (price indices – december 2012)

Who’s in the mood for some “spreadsheet porn”? well CCP Recurve certainly was, here is the market performance of the newly introduced