9UY4-H reinforced by New Providence forces

Station system 9UY4-H (Providence) – which is a crucial controlling point for the region – was reinforced by New Providence forces consisting of Circle of Two, Daisho …

News 24 – Fighting in Providence

Continuous fighting following the disbanding of Ushra´Khan Alliance. Fights between Hydra Reloaded and CVA forces and Circle of Two, Sodalitas XX, Agaisnt All Authorities and …

Ushra´Khan disbanded

Author: Aralis [ Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:31 am ] – CVA leader

Post subject: UK what happened – self interview
I figured people would want to know what was going on so I …

News 24 – Providence

New Providence coalition under the leadership of Ushra´Khan succesfully defended R3-K7K Outpost from CVA and in turn reinforced CVA station system of