AT10 – The Drama Begins

Drama began to rear its ugly head yesterday, after the first 32 teams were drawn for the tournament.  If you were brave (or foolhardy) enough to have jumped into the comments …

Dev Blog: Briefly About Kill Reports

Briefly About Kill Reports
originally posted here.
reported by CCP Tuxford
Hi there, I’m Tuxford of Super Friends and I’m here to explain some changes we made to the kill …

Dev Blog: Unified Inventory Changes

Wow, that was fast… originally posted here.
Dev Blog: Unified Inventory Changes

Hello Spacefriends

We've been collecting and planning changes to the unified …

Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament X random draw results

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Dev Blog: alliance tournament x random draw results

In our penultimate Dev Blog for Alliance Tournament X we wanted to bring you the results of the …

Sov Wars: On The Eve Of Inferno

On The Eve Of Inferno

The factional war zone blazed on the eve of Inferno. As predicted, the Minmatar would push for Kamela, the home system to Wolfsbrigade, one of the …