Video: Delve Cleansing

Delve seems to be a catalyst for creative Eve videos:

From the Test Department of Propaganda.
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Black Aces Out

Initially, the details were sketchy and heavily based on trolling on kugu.  Black Aces is a fairly well known large PVP corp.  They have a slightly sordid past.  They initially …

Claim: Goons Running Faction War

Unironically mean both definitions of that phrase.  Apparently, when Inferno came out, Goons saw a loophole to exploit.  They exploited it long and hard.  Cat is out of the bag …

Bagehi’s IMHO: War Declarations

I’ve seen and heard a couple comments about EN24, and myself by extension, taking sides in many controversies. The last few days, it has been the very heated Goons/Jade …

Video Dev Blog: E3 and Inferno 1.1

“Words” on the clothing can be found here.
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