Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament X Finals Weekend

Alliance Tournament X will bring the final round of group stage matches along with last 16, quarter finals, semi-finals and final this coming weekend. The tournament this year has …

* LIVE * ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT X – Day 1 Group Stage + Schedule


Nulli Secunda

Black Legion.

HUN Reloaded

Choke Point

Fatal Ascension

Agony Empire

The …

Shooting Your Own Foot: ATX SISI Practice

Metagaming in ATX. The story goes that several ATX teams were brazenly asking for moves to their practice systems in the support channel on SISI. So, by simply sitting on SISI …

Alliance Tournament X: Round 2 Day 3

We’re back for the second day of ATX review time with the power of 20/20¬†hindsight! I doubt many people who missed the fights will care to read this wall of text. However, …

J160311: Operation “Tears”

So, I heard someone asking for reports on things that didn’t happen in Delve/Querious.¬† After some digging through piles of Delve-related propoganda and random battles over …