Ashes to Ashes – SONE Falls

Nullsec is a dangerous place. Not just for the individual pilot, but for the multitude of pilots who make up alliances. We’ve seen quite a few Alliances rise and fall. Just …

Leak: Official NULLI Secunda Statement

NULLI Secondhand threw in the following statement at their internal forums, which points out their perspective from the whole RA/-A- deal:
Leak: Official NULLI Secunda Statement

Leak: “The Legion” War Update – February

Another leak, from the desk of Ebeneezer Shadoo. PL enemies; beware!

Pandemic Legion – The War Update

Fіnally, thе USTZ/EURO Late Ops Are Here
I was supposed to do …

Exposé: Everything you wanted to know about Solar Fleet, but were afraid to ask.

Everyone should be aware by now that Legion of xXDEATHXx and SOLAR FLEET are at war now. To shed some light on why it has come to this, I have translated a public post made by …

AtlasDOT in full failscale course, Morsus Mihi and FAIL taking in refugees, lands.

AtlasDOT had never been able to live up to their former empire’s glory, this is an statement which becomes truer today more than ever as the alliance is on the verge of …