C0VEN Titan Heist news spills over into the Polish mainstream media.

Well, it looks like the C0VEN titan heist story reached the mainstream media in Poland, I have put together a rough translation of the article which got featured on TVN24, which …

Call the Polish MMO Police, ‘cuz we are missing four C0VEN titans.

So the word on the street is strong regarding COVEN’s destruction of several titans (4 of them), Xeovar from C0VEN broke the news on their internal

Happy Meals now include Free Aeons!

A member of Raiden. (Br127 from FinFleet) scored a new Aeon after he stole it from a C0VEN PoS, The Aeon belonged to Pilot

Three days of Thunder in Stain. * updated *

The following battle report sums up pretty much what went on in the Stain region during the last week. It is written from a C0VEN perspective – so read up, enjoy the videos …

HBC Invasion of Esoteria is a Go! feat. Walltreipers & Out Of Sight.

Invasion of Esoteria is a Go! and for this TEST Alliance and Pandemic Legion are adding a new assortment of allies into their HBC subset; Out of Sight. and Walltreipers …