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50,000 Skillpoints to be given as compensation for the EVE Launcher issues.

The EVE Launcher issues which happened earlier this week appear to have subsided. In compensation, CCP Guard announced CCP Games plans to compensate players with 50,000 skillpoints to be allocated at the players

Check out Bungie’s latest Destiny’s Live Action / CG Trailer.

In case you have been living under a rock, you should know Halo’s developer studio sort of split/sold his franchise to Microsoft and then decided to start a new game from scratch, they have been releasing trailers slowly revealing what they have in store, I am attaching two trailers which would …

* LIVE * Big Fights about to happen in Delve.

The 1-SMEB Solar System is about to come out of reinforcement, it is currently under TEST Alliance control. We got several live feeds with the action, Mad_Ani and Ryan526, you can check both here.
As usual we promise nothing, but if it happens, you will get a live account of the facts.

Mad …

Video: F-CON Titan goes down, Black Legion. proves to be the best Legion

Yesterday a Fidelas Constans titan went down, it was owned by InSaNe ViRuS from Trojan Legion. I talked to Black Legion. leader Elo Knight who mentioned how the kill quite pedestrian, They were reinforcing a POS with dreads, got jumped in by a few supers and they managed to hit them back.
Here is …

Battle Report: Rahadalon Burns at the fingers of TEST and RvB.

Alphastarpilot, the TEST FC of the evening, took out a fleet of 90 dudes in Talwars and Logi Bursts the 38 jumps from NOL-M9 to Rahadalon. He got word from his friends that RvB Ganked, a massive group of anyone whose anyone joins together and flies with RvB host and new CSM member Mangala Solaris …

Mindblown: The new Kinect sensor gets Skynet grade readings.

I know some of you are console averse as much as I know most of you are geeks, yet given the nuts and bold involved I know you will appreciate this vid.

Jester’s Trek: Bring out the big guns

First, the news of the day.  I don’t have much to say about the launcher issues that happened today except these things happen.  Matter of fact, I had been telling CCP devs this past weekend how nifty I thought the new SSO launcher was on Singularity and playing with it …

Russian Politiks – Red Alliance Meeting Recording

Red Alliance had an interesting alliance meeting on May 15 2013, following the surrender of the 1V-LI2 station system in Scalding Pass and C-J6MT in Insmother to the combined forces of DSP, INK, WHYSO, and NCDOT. The alliance recording provides an English translation of the important …

The N3 RoshCatz go for a Sunday walk, bump into SOLAR FLEET

Canaris Roshaak from Nulli Secunda wrote this BR of a fight with Solar Fleet, I am not sure if he submitted or it was leaked to riverini, still here is

Tweetfleet Live! with Why So Serious very own Rots Mijnwerker

Tweetfleet live brings influential EVE Online personalities into the spotlight and we talk about EVE issues, live from Jita 4-4!

Watch live video from theriverini on TwitchTV
Should you want an interview (and should your deserve it), hit [email protected] and we’ll grant you a show. A …

Have you seen the new Man of Steel Trailer? Well you should… :)

The new man of Steel Trailer features General Zod, and to be honest is quite amazing, while Michael Shannon is not Terrence Stamp lets just say this looks

New Eden Spotlight Featuring JonnyPew: Top Ten Greatest Things About Eve Online

A special edition New Eden Spotlight featuring JonnyPew. Happy 10th birthday EVE. Here’s our pick of the Top 10 Greatest things about EVE

EVE Launcher Support Thread.

Feel free to use this thread to share knowledge on support issues for the recent eve launcher support.
CCP Phantom explained the issues in an EVE-O thread.
The new EVE Launcher was updated on May 21, 2013; further information is available here.
On May 21 we also experienced web server issues …

Dev Blog: Reinventing the Radial Menu.

Woohoo, interface revamps are always welcomes. Even though JonnyPew already covered this feature, here is the official

* LIVE * Possible storm of Cats in Delve – Mad_Ani live feed.

As usual, we can’t promise anything yet here is the live feed from Mad_Ani of the Delve hostilities, lets wait and see.
300+ in NOL…something big is going to be happening soon. There have been fights all day in Delve Live

ThunderCats and the BattleToads face off in T-8UOF

Recently Darkness of Despair & Co. managed to snag a few moons from ex HBC alliances, this includes moons from the so called Dinner Coalition (they need a better name tbh). So the stage was set. On one site we had Darkness of Despair, C0VEN, Against All Authorities (yes I know) and a couple of …

If EVE Online and Tera had a child, this is what it would look like…

Apart from having one of the worst titles ever, the “space combat sim” features assembling ships which loosely resemble the Tech 3 system in which the combination of the components affect the ship’s

Sensor Overlay feature information and demonstration

The sensor and scanners are being revamped for Odyssey and JonnyPew took the features for a ride, check’em after the

Check out Rooks and Kings latest video, The False Tower.

You might recall Rooks and Kings awesomesauce galore a.k.a. the Clarion Call series, we have long been waiting for their next video and see what they came up with. The didn’t dissapoint, check the video after the jump, its 10 minutes long, but 10 minutes well

Last of US trailer shows an eerily yet beautiful side of Armageddon.

Dear god, if you like Zombies and post-apocalyptic settings, the latest “Last of US” trailer will wet your

Expanding the EVE News24 network with Video Games for Grown Ups.

TL;DR: Almost year ago I mentioned how it was time to explore games outside EVE Online, stating today EVE Online will expand into other video games. EVE Online players do have an special playstyle, our focus is to allow our readers to discover and read about games which suit their play style.
The …

Awesomesauce: Cyno Jump Effects also gets a revamp for Odyssey.

Holy cow! take a look at this, whilst we had already seen the gate jump effect little had been spoken about the new cyno-jump effect.

Here is some EN24 drama for you.

So the word is on the street, Indidir Mauser or as he was known to me as **** (his real life name) apparently left for Le Mittani dot com after someone (me) unwillingly “edited” his original

TWEETFLEET LIVE! Tonight’s guest Red Alliance’s Roweena Azur

Should you want an interview (and should your deserve it), hit [email protected] and we’ll grant you a show.

Our EVE: Odyssey Exploration features now available for testing on Sisi – EVE Online Odyssey

Odyssey Exploration features are now available for testing on Sisi, I took them for a test drive.