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Dev Post: What Mobile Structures would you like to see?

Hey everyone. As most of you know, we are introducing the first four of our new Mobile Structures in the upcoming Rubicon expansion: the Mobile Depot, Mobile Tractor Unit, Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor, and Mobile Siphon Unit. These four structures open up a lot of amazing possibilities for EVE …

* Site Update * The one where Bobmon gets to run the show.

If you have been following EN24 closely you would notice my recent inactivity from the site’s comings and going. Like Amymuffmuff before him, Bobmon has been acting as interim Editor in Chief for Eve News24 and just like Amy, he’s been doing a good job at it. Thus, I am pleased to …

Jester’s Trek: Show, don’t tell

OK, here’s one that’s really geek philosophy.  I’m not even sure how I feel about it myself yet.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
One of the basics of fiction writing is “show, don’t tell.”  Hell, it’s practically something taught in …

Red Alliance Joins The War

Yesterday Red Alliance announced that they will be joining the upcoming Winter War. They will team up with Solar, BL and Stainwagon, almost reforming the old Russian Coalition. Their focus will be the northern space that N3 holds making it harder for N3 to defend the old russian home.
The …

Dev Blog: The New Character Selection Screen

Hello everyone!

CCP Fear reporting from Team Kuromaku. Our team is delivering a beautiful new character selection screen for Rubicon, the newest EVE Online expansion which will be arriving on November 19th. It will provide you with a great first impression of EVE as well as being more …

Battle Report: I-NGI8

Breaking news out of I-NGI8:
Local is currently at 1600 with N3 forces fighting -A- and friends. Right now, it appears as though some blap dreads and triage carriers are on the field for NCdot in support of their Navy Apoc fleet. TiDi is at 10% and the node is getting noticeably stressed. I will …

Greedy Goblin: The largest awox in the history of EVE Online

Awoxing is the act in EVE where a member of a team turns on his trusting teammates, destroying their ships, alone or in cooperation with other players, who are usually hostile to the original group. There are other forms of hostile actions against teammates, like dropping Sov or stealing from …

Jester’s Trek: Ghost recon

When I was interrupted by the events of this past week, I was in the midst of my twice-a-year commentary on features that I like (and eventually, don’t like) about the upcoming expansion, Rubicon in this case.  So let’s get back to that with another feature that I really like, …

Watch This: Amazing Capsuler made Warp Effect.

Check out this awesome after effect made warp effect, it kind of reminds me to the Star Trek one sans the gay glitter they added on the second

Battle Report: F4R2-Q

A N3 fleet was called to go kill some Territorial Claim Units that were onlining in F4R2-Q. From the intel I have received the –A- TCU had apparently be turned off and –A- was trying to re-online it. N3 noticed this and a fleet was quickly called in an attempt to take the system without any …

Confederation of xXPIZZAXx dies.

Today Junko Sidesweep, CEO of love squad and leader of Confederation of xXPIZZAXx announced the ending of the alliance.
He announced the news with a speech on Teamspeak, which you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/unidan/rip-in-pizza
But who are Pizza you ask?
Well pizza have been in the …

DUST Mercs: Buff & Nerf – The Vicious Cycle

One of the core problems with Dust 514 is the constant flux and drastic change of weapons and equipment. Players are baffled and frustrated by it and its hurting the experience. Why? Because players are creatures of habit and even moreso seek consistency. Its important to understand how difficult …

*live* fight going down in KW-I6T

Watch live video from Mad_Ani on www.twitch.tv

Currently we have a fight going down in the KW-I6T system, a system owned by Nulli secunda. The I-HUB was set to come out about 30 mins or so ago, Darkness of Despair jumped in a Tengu fleet with scimi support and a 30man dreadnought fleet. Pandemic …

Dev Blog: Sisters of EVE Faction Ships

Hey guys!

I’m here to tell you about some brand new ships coming to EVE Online in the next free expansion: Rubicon, which is now less than a month away!

I’m sure many of you know a lot about them already, whether you heard us talk about them at EVE Vegas, on our expansion …

*live* Stainwagon/Solar/BL and N3 clash in G15Z-W

Watch live video from Mad_Ani on www.twitch.tv
A up to date local scan (as of 22:18)
Why is this fight going down? it would appear as if the new southern coalition, some are calling “DTF” (what this means is anyone’s guess) had …

Dev Post: [Rubicon] T3 Subsystem re-fitting in space

I’m happy to announce that with Rubicon, you will be able to refit your subsystems on your Tech 3 cruiser in space.
This change will apply to any fitting service in space, supplied by SMA, a capital ship with a fitting service (like the Orca) or even the new deployable the Mobile …

A New Southern Coalition Emerges

In a previous article that I wrote I shared the opinion that Black Legion needs to mature in its politics and diplomatic dealings or risk having events such as the one in FR-BH1 happen over and over again. My advice was that Black Legion needed its own allies or coalition. Today I am happy to see …

LEAKS: Solar Fleet Sends Present to Black Legion

Black Legion took a big hit last month, losing 28 supers to the combined power of NCDOT, PL and S2N. BL appears to be struggling with replacing these super losses so Solar Fleet decided to give them a helping hand.
Black Legion Forum

*live* Big fight going down between Stainwagon and N3.

Mad ani is covering the fight
Currently have AAA in a tengu fleet, BL in a zealot fleet, Solar in a tengu fleet, nc. in a loki fleet, s2n in a proteus fleet, razor are in system in a zealot fleet. Darkness of Despair in a Typhoon fleet, rest of N3 alliances in a …

N3 have state of the coalition meeting.

The meeting was held today at 3:45 eve time on coalition comms. In the following video Skip to 14:55 for the start of the actual meeting (beforehand is just music)
A few notes i took for those of you who prefer reading:
– This war started …

Jester’s Trek: If you’re gonna do something dumb

Sometimes, I feel like Youtube is built on the premise of “if you’re gonna do something dumb, why not videotape it.”  So many of its more entertaining videos are built around people doing crazy, stupid, or flat-out illegal things.  Sometimes those things go viral and suddenly people …

Those smoke filled rooms…

There is a commonly cited problem with EVE: that all decisions are made in “smoke-filled rooms” between the same 10-15 people and no new players can enter into that arena. Have you ever considered why?
Before we’d continue, I’d like to point out that the above isn’t true. Every single …

AAA targets next Provi-block held system, ZQ-Z3Y

On the 23rd of August the first systems in catch fell to Against all authorities, since that time Against all authorities have been working to reclaim all of their ancestral homeland. When Against all authorities began hitting the CVA held system of ERVK-P Provi-block rose up to chase the attackers …

LEAKS: FA Rumors

Yesterday the following ping was send out to the general FA memberbase.
(10:13:47 PM) [email protected]/xmpphp:
### BROADCAST TO All ###
noun: rumour; plural noun: rumours; noun: rumor; plural noun: rumors
a currently circulating …

Somer Blink’s Bonus gets closed down

Finally today CCP decided to close down one of the most recently discussed subjects. This subject is also known as the RMT operation of Somer Blink.
Somer Blink is a well known space gambling site used by people to gain fast isk. People generally lose a lot of isk and so Somer Blink decided to play …