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Disqus, Our New Commenting System

New Commenting system
Starting today we have moved our commenting system toward the Disqus one. I am still ironing out some issues but so far the move seems to have worked nicely. Also because of the new system all banned commenters have also been reset, so please behave.
Give Aways!
I will also …

Jester’s Trek: Damped

One thing you can say about the last year or so: it hasn’t been kind to the MMO genre.  Star Wars: The Old Republic started the trend, which has continued with troubles around Lord of the Rings Online and Guild Wars 2 and Rift, and the collapse of Kingdoms of Amalur before it could get …

Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament XI Rules and Format

Hello sportsfans! It is once again that most wonderful time of year, Alliance Tournament Season! It is once again time for the alliances in New Eden to pit themselves against their peers in epic combat, where they fly ships out of their own hangars so each loss matters . Last year we had a …

Poetic Discourse: Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a game that is played until the age of five or six, at which point the child begins to realize that they are not in control of the outcome of the game. The game is ruled by random chance, it lacks any skill component.

There’s a good reason why there are no ELO ratings for …

Ex Cinere Scriptor: A Game Of Thrones

Bobmon wrote this piece which shows another side of the Unclaimed. drama. Keep in mind this is an Op-ed piece, and it is indeed a bit one sided.
So recently there has been a lot of drama surrounding an alliance called Unclaimed. Some of the ex Unclaimed. corporations led by …

Watch this guy reach the Foves star solar core, don’t tell the Moties how he survived.

After 10hours work, and help by a corpmate named Beruk we finally reached the goal- warping to the sun at 0m. This bookmark was acually 0 minus 301.000km. When I start to approach the center, I’m being bumped a few AU away.
This was made to show eve players, an up to date video, how the sun …

Propaganda Tuesdays: New Eden of The East

I want to showcase this new video which honestly I feel promotes the game more than the in-game alliances it is meant to pump up.
A fresh look into propaganda videos, according to the author over 100 hours of MS Paint (for real?) has been devoted into making it. Check ’em!

100+ hours in MS …

Dev Blog: Probe Scanning and Other Goodies For Odyssey

Hello capsuleers!

This is SoniClover from team Super Friends, telling you about some of the things the team has been working on for EVE Online: Odyssey's June 4th release.

The team took part in the theme-conception work overseen by CCP Seagull earlier in the year. From that work the …

Dust Mercs: Add The Logi Frames

DUST Mercs is a Dust 514 dedicated blog which has been lining up and reporting on DUST 514 from day one. We invite you to visit their blog at dustmercs.blogspot.com.
‘I am shocked and appalled. Did they just xerox the assault frame, paint it yellow and call it the Gallente Logi? I hope the …

Battle Report: Tribal Band goes Avatar Down in Delve.

The following is a summary of the 1-2 Avatar kill from the perspective of an NCDOT grunt.
At 04:30, NCDOT formed up a 50-man tengu fleet in anticipation of a fight over a TRIBE csaa. No capitals were online; we were simply going to go over and see what we could shoot. The fleet bridged into and …

Li3 Alliance to embrace an income Membership Fee system.

Li3 alliance has announced to its members the establishment of a member fee to be charged at corporations in order to cost alliance fees and generate alliance income.
******* TRANSMISSION STARTS **********
New Alliance Income System

Following debate and input from The Directorate, The Cabinet and …

The United States of EVE: CSM 8 status report – Week three

CSM8 is catching a bit of hell from some quarters for our (relative lack of) response to the EVE launcher situation this past week. I’m going to start by essentially doubling down on my response last week: I’m not sure what CSM8 was supposed to do here.

*Updated* Tribal Band Avatar down in Delve

Northern Coalition. and Pandemic Legion just nailed the first supercapital kill of the Delve campaign, an Avatar Class titan piloted by Arutha / Zonicks from Tribal Band. The details are sketchy, with some talk about how it was found uncloaked and unaligned in a POCO at the solar system, allegedly …

Greedy Goblin: World of Tanks cheat – the exploit

This is the final part of a series, see part 4, 3, 2 and 1 first.
Every cheat is an inbalance in the game. Every inbalance can be exploited. The exploit is the ultimate proof, everything else can be disproved. I can write essays about a hidden door in the wall, I can use lot of evidence, I can be …

Rumorbox: Raiden. alliance to disband?

So far we have managed to nail two of the previous EVE Online politics rumours. During the last hour my mailbox has been hit with loads of tips regarding an upcoming disbanding of Raiden. alliance.
I dug around and apparently there was an alliance meeting held today during which Raiden. Alliance …

Our EVE: Tags for Security status feature information and gameplay

JonnyPew tells us all about Tags for Security status featuring information and gameplay from sisi test server.

Tags for Security status feedback thread
Dev blog
Follow the entire Our EVE Series here.

The Defence of 1-SMEB

On May 26, the TEST held system of 1-SMEB had come back out reinforcement, and both sides of the fight from yesterday were and still are hellbent of having control of this system. Today, TEST had fielded approximately 150 capitals to defend this system. Shortly after these capitals had cyno’d in to …

Talocan United alliance to be dissolved by May 31th

Somebody sent me this via email but after checking out a bit I noticed it had been released in to the EVE-O forums

Unclaimed. Alliance Meeting and the Rumors of Inappropriate ISK Use and Failed Coup

Uclaimed. had an alliance meeting, where 5n4keyes – leader of the alliance – went on to disprove rumors that he had been using alliance isk to purchase himself two titans, and mentions a failed coup within the alliance – with the subsequent kick of several

3D printed DUST 514 guns make great coffee table conversation pieces

Here is a quick one, Hilmar Veigar posted on his this awesome pix of a 3D printed DUST 514 gun. Boy! I want

TEST CEO Update: Defending What is Ours…

After a brief hiatus, BoodaBooda – Dreddit’s executor and one of TEST Alliance’s defactor leaders bursted into the forum an update on the current state of the alliance, I am reproducing those here as I know most of you will find them interesting – specially many praised last night’s 1-SMEB

Propaganda Fridays: TEST Alliance – Rebellion

Test alliance broke away from Sort Dragon’s direction with the HBC. The coalition did become a governing shady entity that Test metaphorically associated with Star Wars’ “Republic” making testies “rebels”, hence the title of the

Battle Report: A Storm of Cats hits 1-SMEB

At approximately 23:00 EVE Time, TEST Alliance’s system of 1-SMEB (Delve) had come out of reinforcement and NCDOT with friends, had planned to get a fight. Shortly after the iHub had come out of reinforcement, TEST had bridged their own fleet into system to get on the iHub to save it …

Kirith Kodachi: Veteran Classification

In the beginning, we enter Eve as wide eyed neophytes with nary a clue or inkling of the vast universe of possibilities and evil machinations. After a while you become more aware of what’s going on and enter

Jester’s Trek: Oh, just one more thing…

When planetary interaction materials became the method for constructing POSs and POS mods, there was a very quiet change made at the same time: faction POS BPCs no longer dropped as rewards from exploration sites.  These BPCs can be used to build faction POSs, which have been beloved forever …