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Rubbernecking GoonSwarm’s Updated Tengu Fleet.

A leak from GoonSwarm’s internal forums has arrived to our dropbox, the post describes the updated GoonSwarm Federation tengu fits, I thought some might be interesting in taking a look into this:
Strategic Doctrine Update.

Hello friends Its your friendly asshole-khefron-clone reimbursement …

Check out the New EVE Online Odyssey Trailer!

In case you have been living under a rock, EVE Online: Oddysey launches today, CCP Games made a neat launch trailer which you can watch

Poetic Discourse: Is It Time For A Longer Training Queue?

During the recent DDOS attacks on CCP’s servers, which lasted twenty-four hours, many players had their training queues run dry. Unable to log in, they were unable to update them.
Is there any argument that can be made for the continuing existence of the twenty-four hour training queue? …

Odyssey Patch Notes

With the Odyssey expansion releasing today, CCP has uploaded the patch notes. Read them at the link: http://community.eveonline.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-for


New 10th Anniversary EVE track for the character selection screen.
5 new RealX music tracks added for low …

Dev Blog: Odyssey Ship Balancing.

A few weeks before a big expansion hits usually is the time for reflection on how well we have packed things together. In our case here, it’s all about having a final look at the ships we are tackling for Odyssey. And by “we”, I mean our team of rabid ship designing …

The United States of EVE: CSM8 status report – Week four

riverini’s note: This CSM is coming out as the most transparent and outreaching I have seen, I am loving it. Once again the CSM 8 Vice-chairman, Ripard Teg, give us his weekly CSM8 update
CSM8 has now been in office for a full month!  The time is really going by fast.
With …

Dev Blog: Sensor Overlay Changes in Eve Odyssey

Greeting capsuleers, this is CCP Frellicus from Team Five 0 here to introduce our latest addition to the exploration of space in the universe of New Eden.  I’m talking about a system that has been aptly dubbed “the sensor overlay”.  Before we delve into the specifics …

Leak: Pandemic Legion leaves Delve

Elise Randolph, Pandemic Legion PR Honcho just posted the following announcement on their internal forums regarding PL’s impending retreat from the Delve hostilities.
———– Transmission starts ——–
A Beautiful Mess

Sо I expected Delve tо be fun. I …

CCP Official Statement: Tranquility Downtime On Sunday, June 2 And Monday, June 3

The servers are back online and to be honest I was starting to get a bit nervous, thank goodness we can go back at throwing lead at each other on EVE Online / DUST 514.

At 02:05 UTC June 2nd, CCP became aware of a significant and sustained distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) against the …

Propaganda Mondays: Test Alliance 2013 by Tezasaurus

While we wait for the servers to come back up, check out this awe-inspiring TEST Alliance video made but Tez himself (yeah! he’s back. In pog form).

Song: The Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Eve footage:
Dust 514

Don’t Expect Free Skill Points

The free skill points we received last week were due to problems with the launcher. A fault you can directly attribute to CCP. It was their fault, it was only appropriate to gift their customers for the inconvenience they caused.
I see a lot of comments and tweets from people who are expecting …

DDoS’ed: EVE Online and DUST 514 services down.

CCP games announced in their facebook page that a DDoS attack is the culprit of the recent service outtage:
At 02:05 GMT June 2nd, CCP became aware of a significant and sustained distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) against the Tranquility cluster (which houses EVE Online and DUST 514) and …

Seraph IX Basarat: Rise of the Swarm

Love them or hate them, the fact of the matter is that the Goonswarm Federation is THE most well organized well supplied far reaching entity in the Eve Universe. To paraphrase Napoleon and probably some other dead people that were good at running states and winning battles, power is measured in …

The Pumpkin Risotto Showdown

Feythabolis has proven a healthy ground for good fights, what follows is a first person account from an Initiative. pilot. Enjoy
So the last day of May presented us with a particularly challenging Palate test; with Esoteria under siege from the Stain Russians led by Darkness of Despair (inc. …

Hacking First-Hand – It’s Slightly More Complex Than Snakes and Ladders

I prefer Diplomacy over Axis & Allies. I prefer Axis & Allies over Risk. I prefer Risk over Monopoly. I prefer Monopoly over Snakes and Ladders. If you’re familiar with those games, you’ll recognize my preference for games where random events play less of a factor over …

Black Legion. nails another Fidelas Constans Titan.

Yesterday there was a lot of activity in the Deklein region with a lot super capital of traffic happening in their staging solar system, Black Legion. took notice of it, setup a scout and waited along some 401k members on the Y6-HPG solar system (Venal) for someone to commit a a dumb mistake. An …

* Updated * Open Thread: EVE Offline…

EVE Online is down once again, the launcher shows as offline. so here is this open thread so you can all exchange your experience, given that the EVE forums are also closed.
I have to mention that I went eveinstall/CCP/EVE/Bin/ and I can’t seem to find the exefile.exe – am I the only …

Fidddler’s Edge: Amores Perros

“War in New Eden is not about e-Honor. It’s not about “good fights”. It’s about ruining the play experience for the other side; a deliberate peeling away of any enjoyment the enemy gets when they mess with you. It is a war of attrition on fun.”

DUST Mercs: Reviewers issue challenge to CCP Games

What the negative reviewers are saying is pretty clear: ‘No quarter will be given based on the potential of what you are trying to accomplish. Iteration and constant updates sound really, really nice, but right now we think your game just isn’t very good.

Expanding the EVE News24 network with a Sister Website.

I have been testing out several non-EVE Online articles and despite being an exclusive EVE Online website I have found a great reception with these new articles. This brings out a sort of dilemma for me and my readers. EVE News24 primarily is an EVE Online news / hobby site, and as such most of my …

Poetic Discourse: War Is Coming!

It seems inevitable that Odyssey will bring war. Alliance income is about to be drastically cut with the introduction of 227 new R64 moons to New Eden (or maybe it’s the introduction of R64 to 227 existing moons; same difference.) Then there’s new alchemy. And then the rebalancing of …

Breaking: Fidelas Constans Erebus down in Fasse.

A Erebus class titan belonging to Evander Ea of the CBC Interstellar corporation from the alliance of Fidelas Constans has been killed today in the system of Fasse in Sinq Laison.
Shortly after this titan had been killed I had contacted the Phobos pilot of Seth Bonez about the story behind …

Dev Blog: U And I Made Some Changes – Odyssey Ui Changes

TL;DR: The fleet window and menues has been optimised with some more useful UI changes.

Hi all,

I'm back to tell you about a few Little Things we are changing in EVE Online: Odyssey.

OK, to be honest, I'm a little embarrassed to even mention the first one because it's such a tiny …

New Eden Spotlight: Capital Down!

Do you guys like watching Capital Ships explode?
If yes then you will love this weeks Spotlight.
It’s all about the boom and we’ve brought to you 3 videos uploaded this week that will make you think twice before you empty your wallet on your next Capital purchase.

1. EVE Online …

*New* Ship Size Comparison Video from Eve Outtakes

EVE Outtakes does it again. Another fantastic video showing all sorts of eve ships compared to stuffs.
From the video description.
This is the second part of the shipsizevideo. It compares ships with other structures like planes and different buildings and other stuff. If you want to see more …