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C-J6MT under siege by RA/XiX+co

C-J6MT (insmother) station system belonging to Atlas Alliance is from todays afternoon under siege by force of Red Alliance, Legion of xXdeathXx, White Noise. and others. Drone Russians had around 450 men in fleets, with 34 Nyx, 11 Aeons, 4 Erebuses, 4 Ragnaroks, 5 Avatars, 1 Hels, 1 Leviathans a …

Atlas SBU´s in N7-BIY killed

Red Alliance succesfully killed Atlas Alliance SBU´s in contested station system of N7-BIY (Insmother). Atlas used bomber fleet as resistance.  Link to Red Alliance killboard:  http://kb.redalliance.ru/?op=related&id=433806 and link to Atlas alliance killboard: …

Solipse. loosing sovereignity

Solipse. lost sovereignty in QKTR-L and B-652M (Geminate)
Northern Coalition forces also killed some towers in contested system, for example a large tower in

News 24 – AAA CEO resigned

AAA CEO – Manfred Resigned. RAT guy – Kir Laeda will be

News 24 – IT Alliance fights AAA in Providence

Following the move on AAA holding in Querious yesterday, Heavy IT gang went into contested systems of Providence, which are result of Ushra´Khan Alliance coup, making them atm holdings of Hydra Reloaded Alliance.
AAA were able to succesfully defend SBU´s and defeat IT fleet. AAA was assisted by …

News 24 – Querious AAA stations under attack

Against All Authorities station system of I1Y-IU and SD-L9T (Querious) were reinforced by forces of IT Alliance. This is a development of a crisis between the two former allies.
Fleet used had heavy number of supercapitals. No resistance was offered by forces of …

News 24 – Vale of the Silent

Combined forces of Majesta Alliance, On the Rocks, Cold Steel Alliance, R.A.G.E and DEMON HUNTERS have destroyed a WE FORM VOLTRON tower in A8A-JN (Vale of the Silent) which was placed there yesterday.
Killboard details and fleet …

News 24 – Fighting in Providence

Continuous fighting following the disbanding of Ushra´Khan Alliance. Fights between Hydra Reloaded and CVA forces and Circle of Two, Sodalitas XX, Agaisnt All Authorities and others. This is spiced up by heavy fleets of Razor Alliance attacking everyone and everything.
Fights around systems 4B-NQN …

EveOnline: Tyrannis HD

EveOnline: Tyrannis HD from RaySajuuk on

UshraKhan disband details

Alliance was disbanded by director Tarac Nor. Ushra´Khan will be temporary joining Circle of Two and has use Against All Authorities help to regain back the systems. Its atm unknown, how many assets have been lost, but the size of them should be

Ushra´Khan disbanded

Author: Aralis [ Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:31 am ] – CVA leader

Post subject: UK what happened – self interview
I figured people would want to know what was going on so I interviewed myself. Hope this helps.
Interviewer: What the hell just happened?
Aralis: Ushra’khan were betrayed, …

News 24 – Ushra´Khan disbanded

Ushra´Khan alliance was disbanded by a disgruntled leadership member. Hydra Reloaded Alliance have purchased the 9uy and KBP stations and intend to keep them at least for now. Ushra´Khan plans to join a new alliance and with help of its allies, Against All Authorities and Atlas Alliance regain …

EVE Online Ship Sizes

I’ve only recently started playing EVE Online and found myself being fascinated by those enormous spaceships. Thanks to a great piece of software called TriExporter, I was able to import these models into Maya and decided to render some Amarr ships as “miniatures” 😉
For those …

News 24 – Pure Blind

Ex Triumvirate and Red Overlord Alliance corporation D00M. is continuing to control P-2TTL (Pure Blind) system with friendly forces consisting of IT Alliance and few others. The defenders, -Mostly Harmless- <-42-> and other Pure Blind residents like Fidelis Constans, Sev3rance <-7->, …

News 24 – Insmother

Red Alliance reinforced LVL-GZ (Insmother) station system, which belongs to Atlas Alliance. In return Atlas reinforced in US timezone station system of Red Alliance in n7-BIY

News 24 – Insmother

Red Alliances attempts following gaining sovereignity in N7-BIY (http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Insmother/N7-BIY) focused on Atlas Alliance and their renters in Insmother/Detorid. Multiple fights, mostly of smaller gangs bringing either armor HAC´s or t1 battlecruiser

News 24 – Geminate

Solipse. alliance continues to loose towers to Northern Coalition forces consisting mainly of Majesta Alliance and R.A.G.E. Alliance. Sofar they killed 5 large and 3 medium towers in Solipse. constellation of UBPU-9. Solipse. is being supported by Solar Fleet and LEM

News 24 – Providence

New Providence coalition under the leadership of Ushra´Khan succesfully defended R3-K7K Outpost from CVA and in turn reinforced CVA station system of

News 24 – Curse

Continuous skirmishes in Curse area between White Noise. and Darkside. with help of AAA and RA/XiX.

Lag is not the problem, motivation is

Most people blame today lag and server mechanics for many problems in eve. However i believe, that the lag itself, while game and fun breaking, is not the cause, only byproduct and good excuse.
The eve 0.0 wars have come to massive multicoalitions warfare, which end up quite horribly due to …

Watch out leaders – Powerblocks internal politics

tl:dr for lazy players – if your alliance dies, it dies cause your leaders or leaders of your powerblock were stupid retards without any vision and not cause you were attacked by superior enemy…thats only logical conclusion of your own block decisions
Due to consolidation of eve, …

IskBank.com – Client list.

The list is quite long, and it might crash some browsers.

Character Name
Purchase Amount










251 Gvozdika

251 Gvozdika

251 …

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