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VY-866 station system is in 2nd RF timer

After succesfully removing Intrepid Crossing sov in HB-5L3, forces of Northern Coalition are pushing deeper in Cobalt Edge. VY’s outpost is in it’s 2nd RF, to come out in ~2 days. VY’s IHub is comming out of its 1st RF, however, in ~1

Intrepid Crossing under attack by Northern Coalition

Northern Coalition forces under the lead of Morsus Mihi have started a campaign in Cobalt Edge, home of Intrepid Crossing alliance. The region, while only one jump from Tenal, is very hard to be accessed by capital ships due to vast distance between the northern and drone regions. First systems …

Pure Blind under attack

Dead Terrorists and Cry Havoc. are dropping SBU’s in D2-HOS (Pure Blind) – Fidelas Constans new station system.
EV0KE has dropped their supercap fleet on to GA-P6C (Pure Blind) and are currently engaging Fatal Ascension

C-J6MT saved for the 8th time

Atlas Alliance tonight succesfully defended the battleground outpost of C-J6MT (Insmother) again vs the alliance of Red Alliance, White Noise. and Legion of xXDEATHXx. Padnemic Legion as distraction laid attack on Atlas home system of 0-W778 (Detorid) where they killed several installation with …

C-J under attack again

Forces consisting of Red Alliance, WHite Noise. and Legion of xXDEATHXx attacked the system C-J6MT (Insmother) again, this time for the 7th time from start of the invasion one month ago. This invasion followed failcascade of Atlas friendly alliance Honourable Templum of Alcedonia, Primary., Cult of …

Pandemic Legion killing renters

Pandemic Legion is threatening and harrasing renters of Atlas Alliance in Insmother, and demands isk in return of not attacking their installations. This operation is in cojunction with Red Alliance, White Noise. and Legion of xXDEATHXx continuous assault on

Hydra Reloaded in Branch

Hydra Reloaded Alliance went North, and after long campaign in Providence switched targets to Stella Polaris holdings in Branch. Its unclear at the moment, whether it is one day trip or a start of a campaign in northern territory.  Results of the fight in Z-K495 (Branch) can be checked on Hydra …

Ushra´Khan Alliance back in original owner hands

Ushra´Khan Alliance, which was hijacked by Tarac Nor, gave after several days the leadership of the alliance back to original owner represented by Karn Mithralia. In a surprising turn of events he said:”no one wants providence other than newbies and you(former Ushra´Khan owners) …

FST leaves Red Alliance

Biggest corporation of Red Alliance leaves. Free Space Tech was the oldest corporation as well, sources say they were kicked for being not usefull during the ongoing war with Atlas Alliance. They might join with their sister corporation, which is currently in

9UY4-H retaken by New Providence

9UY4-H (Providence) is taken by new alliance called Damu’Khonde <USHRA>, which is a successor of Ushra´Khan, that got seized and most of corporation kicked out. These events are covered in our top story, Ushra´Khan

Wildly Inappropriate. campaign in South

Wildly Inappropriate. (WI.) is deploying to south regions, with their base being located in Nakah (Derelik). Calls for seeding market and for battlecruisers (especially drakes) and armor hac with logistic have been made. As with RAZOR Alliance staging point in Doril (Curse) it can be awaited a …

1st August Providence News

KBP7-G (providence) was taken from Ushra´Khan during which New Providence forces engaged a large RAZOR Alliance armor hac and logistic fleet. This was surprisedly defeated by a group of smartbombing battleships from Agony Empire.As spokesman of Agony Unleashed said: “KBP7 fight was fantastic …

Brick´Squad in Geminate

Brick´Squad Alliance got sovereignty in Geminate in IOO-7O (http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Geminate/IOO-7O). This follows week of Brick´s deployment in Geminate, especially in BWF-ZZ area and regurar skirmishes with Solar Fleet and LEM Alliance. Brick also camps entry routes to empires and thus …

C-J bug again and again

The saga of C-J6MT is on again. Russian SBU´s got killed even before they should have been vulnerable, GM Nova repaired  the last SBU, 4 dead sbu’s were not replaced as GM’s are not allowed to interfere in sov mechanics.
All 5 remaining Russian coalition towers are now dead, Red …

C-J6MT Round 4

Today evening RA+XiX+WN. reinforced again the C-J6MT (Insmother) station system. They used a dsitraction SBU´s deployed in EUU station system in Insmother, which were killed by Atlas Alliance. Heavy fighting is announced for the

LVL-GZ story goes on – RA has it

The LVL-GZ (Insmother) outpost saga continues, with recent progress made by Atlas Alliance has been replaced by Red Alliance claiming sovereignty in the system and the station as well. Many Atlas members are enraged about it, as they claim the game mechanics is completely out of rules in this case. …

CVA looses an outpost

X-R3NM (Providence) outpost system was conquered by Agony Empire with support of New Providence forces. This together with CVA loosing sovereignty in K1I1 (Providence) marks first sov. changes in Providence following the Ushra´Khan internal

LVL-GZ (Insmother) station mystery

Following the war between Drone regions and Atlas Alliance, LVL-GZ (insmother) outpost system changed hands twice, when suppossedly repaired system was taken by Red Alliance, only to be retaken in 10 hours by Atlas Alliance back. Both sides speak about bugs in sovereignity mechanics, and its rather …

Providence 28th July

Due to recent event which culminated by Ushra´Khan Alliance being taken over by Hydra Reloaded Alliance loyalists, and most of former UK corps going into Circle of Two, the region is very unstable, where both sides seem to hold on their own.
Many station systems and other facilities are being …

Solar caps killed by NC in Geminate

Conflict in Geminate is escalating with Northern Coaltion using titans and supercarriers for the first time. They caught an offguard SOLAR Fleet and LEM Alliance fleet in the L4X-FH (Geminate) resulting in killing 10 carriers and 2 dreadnoughts. This was offset by successfull bomber runs by Solar, …

C-J6MT Saved

Atlas Alliance, Against All Authorities and The Initiative. have today successfully defended the reinforced outpost system of C-J6MT (Insmother) and killed all hostile sbu´s. There were no bigger battles, as they controlled the system from 16:00 up to midnight without any

C-J6MT clash continues

Ihub and station in next reinforcement cycle in C-J6MT (Insmother). Forces of Red Alliance, Legion of xXDEATHXx, White Noise. and Pandemic Legion successfully put the outpost and infrastructure hub belonging to Atlas Alliance into next reinforcement cycle, in system were close to 1100 players …

Hydra defeats CO2 in N8XA-L

Hydra Reloaded Alliance together with CVA destroyed a Circle of two (CO2) fleet in station system of N8XA-L (Providence) belonging to Flying Dangerous and reinforced the

Deklein ownership change in progress

Tau Ceti Federation (TCF) continues giving away sovereignity and control over Deklein region to Goonswarm Federation (CONDI) and Test Alliance Please Ignore <TEST>. This follows the plan for TCF to move to Venal and rebuild the alliance. Goonswarm currently has 7 outposts under control, TEST …

9UY4-H reinforced by New Providence forces

Station system 9UY4-H (Providence) – which is a crucial controlling point for the region – was reinforced by New Providence forces consisting of Circle of Two, Daisho Syndicate, Important Internet Spaceship League, The Initiative., Sodalitas XX and former Ushra´Khan corps. Ushra´Khan …