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IT Alliance campaign starts on the 27th August

New IT Alliance campaign start this week on the 27th August. The successor of failed MAX2, it is fist major campaign in months for IT Alliance. This is copy from IT forums:
New Campaign time folks! Friday, 27 August @1930 in NOL
Everything and the kitchen sink.
AU = 09.30
EU = 19.30
28th US = …

NC. attacks in D2-HOS (Pure Blind) area

Focus of NC. and friends campaign has been the D2-HOS (Pure Blind) pocket. They reinforced and incapacitated multiple jump bridges, which made any reinforcements at Northern Coalition side go through a bottleneck in B-9C24 (Pure Blind) where they left strategically the only remaining functional …

More Atlas stations conquered

Station systems 5C-RPA (Insmother), GB-6X5 (Insmother) and DG-8VJ (Detorid) were captured by Red Alliance. Overall evacuation of Atlas is in full force, concentrated on defending the Omist region. No defence at all in Insmother/Detorid from Atlas Alliance and surrounding regions anymore, multiple …

Rionnag Alba heading to NC.

Former Triumvirate and AAA corporation Rionnag Alba will join the newly formed Northern Coalition. alliance. They will join there with D00M., The Wretched and Digital Fury Corporation.
Alliance history:

Northern Coalition DOT gains first system

Following the continuous attack on Pure Blind, Northern Coalition. gained first sov system in KDV-DE (Pure Blind). This was gained from SpaceMonkey’s Alliance, member of Northern Coalition and guest of Mostly Harmless.

The Biggest Plunder… or Blunder?

On the aftermath of one of the biggest Corporation Theft on record, the former UK members rally to Damu’Khonde alliance licking their wounds short of 35-40 billions ISK. Tarac Nor after securing himself a deal with HYDRA, failed to sell the stolen assets to CVA;
“He offered us all …

Heavy fighting in Geminate

Heavy fighting in Geminate around L-TOFR system. Fleet of Red Alliance suffered a defeat versus a stronger allied fleet of R.A.G.E. Alliance and Stella Polaris.This latest escalation follows NC incursion into Geminate started 1 month ago with attack on Solipse. holdings.
KB …

Atlas retreats to Omist

Following 3 titans / 2 supercarriers and multiple station system lost within 48hours, Atlas alliance is relocating to Omist region. AXDX-F and UEP0-A are named as primary new locations.

D2-HOS Ihub destroyed

NC./CH/DT/Ev0ke killed IHUB and put Station in 2nd RF in D2-HOS (Pure Blind). The system belongs to Fidelas Constans Alliance. This follows the escalation of the insurgents of Cloud Ring and other allies. Northern Coalition force of about 400 decided not to engage and wait for the final

Stella Polaris losing whole fleet to RA

Stella Polaris lost today whole capital and subcapital fleet in Geminate to forces of Red Alliance.
Trying to siege hostile installations in HJO-84 (Geminate) system, it got ambushed and swiftly destroyed loosing 9 dreadnaughts and 2 carries plus 42 support ships. Red Alliance forces lost only 11 …

C-J6MT in Red Alliance hands

After 10 months, C-J6MT (Insmother) station system in back in Red Alliance hands. Together with almost whole region it was taken from Atlas Alliance, thus suffered a horrible defeat at their home system of 0-W778 (Detorid). Red Alliance was supported by White Noise., Legion of xXDEATHXx and …

Unbelievable – 3rd Atlas titan dead

few minutes ago another Atlas titan died to PL and friends fleet in 77S8-E (Detorid). The Intitiative. killed PL sbu´s 20 minutes ago, and later the hotdrop came. The name of pilot is Seinar Dragmire (Blackwater USA Inc.).
KB link:

IRC regains CUT-0V system

After loosing its jumpbridge midpoint system of CUT-0V (Cobalt Edge) Intrepid Crossing destroyed Morsus Mihis TCU and replaced it with its own. Small skirmishes happened around it in recent 24 hours.
DOTLAN link:

Atlas (0-W778) Closer to the Edge

You sit at your computer, drinking coffee, having lots of windows open, connected to ts. You have 550 people online 400+ in fleet, hostiles have 700 and 28 titans and 75 supercarriers. Its final rf timer on your home system. What you gonna do? The choice Atlas made is to call the day off 10 minutes …

Atlas Avatar down – 2nd titan lost in 12 hours

Titan piloted by Ralian Gelain (BPINC) got bumped out by Pandemic Legion in M-MBRT (Wicked Creek), aggressed, bubbled and destroyed. Pilot logged right at the same time as aggro, and almost made it. 4 carriers jumped in via gen (it was at gen/jb pos) to try and triage, they got maybe one cycle in …

0-w778 fallen (with atlas chatlogs)

Atlas Alliance stood down and hostile forces took the station without any problems. Many Atlas pilots were enraged about leadership decision.
Xtreem > our orders after me taking a day off working and sitting in station for 10 hours is to JC out and evac our stuff later
Rakaim > yeah if we get blue …

Biggest supercapital fleet in history

The fleet of forces around Pandemic Legion, White Noise. and Red Alliance has 28 Titans and 75 supercarriers, making it surely the biggest fleet in supercapital history. Local is at 1240, Atlas Alliance friendly forces have aprox

Atlas titan down

Atlas ragnarok piloted by Perman killed in 0-w778 (Detorid) by joint fleet of NC, White Noise., Red Alliance, Legion of xXDEATHXx adn Pandemic

IRC loosing 2 major corps

Intrepid Crossing already lost some major corps from its ranks. Fnord Works is followed by Starfleet Enterprises, which is heading to Period Basis. Next corp announcing leaving is Gladiators of Rage. this will mean that IRC looses 25% of membership within 1 week. This is not a big surprise …

Majesta and R.A.G.E loosing capfleet

Majesta Alliance and R.A.G.E together sieged technetium moons in Venal in WLF-D3 (Venal), while they were ambushed by supercapital fleet of Northern Coalition. , Cry Havoc and other Pure Blind insurgents. Total losses are 9 dreads and 14 carriers.
CH killboard: …

Atlas HQ under siege and camped

In an attempt to provoke fights and enable Drone coalition to take more station systems in Insmother, Pandemic Legion sbu´ed 0-W778 (Detorid) which is a main Atlas home system. Despite very little odds, the camp is lasting for several days now and hasn´t been broken yet. Today the station is in …

IAC surrenders to NC

IAC (Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate) has today surrended to NC. Under the terms of the surrender agreement, they have until 2000 server time on August 21st to pull down their stuff and get out. They will leave the ZYL-FT constellation in Geminate.

MO-YDG falls to WI.

MO-YDG (Cobalt Edge) station system is conquered by Wildly Inappropriate. This is second station falling to NC after the Coblat Edge invasion started. Intrepid Crossing offers only sporadic

First corporation leaves IRC under fire

Intrepid Crossing looses first corporation, some additional details in linked image of IRC

VY-866 falls, first outpost in NC hands

First station system captured by Morsus Mihi in Cobalt Edge. After heavy fighting, Intrepid Crossing lost first station system and has multiple other systems reinforced and camped.
This was battle for Ihub and …