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Pandemic Legion gives lessons in Blitzkrieg in EVE

Blitzkrieg is an anglicized word describing all-mechanized force concentration of tanks, infantry, artillery and air power, concentrating overwhelming force and rapid speed to break through enemy lines, and once the latter is broken, proceeding without regard to its flank. Through constant motion, …

New French Alliance founded

New French alliance formed from former Tau Ceti Federation corporations was established yesterday.The name is Grenouilles Volantes, ticker FROGS. The name means Flying Frogs in english.
Corporation that joined till now are:

ICE is Coming to EVE
IMpAct Corp
Republic Of

Technetium moons swapping hands

First technetium moon was claimed by Northern Coalition members, which destroyed Solar Fleet tower sitting on it. This follows the campaign to reclaim parts of Geminate, that was started in summer by Majesta alliance and R.A.G.E alliance. Multiple other towers were reinforced during the following …

IT CSAA´s mystery: 3 supercarriers inside

Following the destruction of 3 CSAA´s by PL black ops team in Delve yesterday, which we wrote here about – http://www.evenews24.com/2010/08/25/ – sources have revealed that they were not empty and had each a supercarrier building inside. Further damage was prevented, when the …

BDCI leaves AAA with 6 titans

After announcing its intentions to leave AAA, Body Count Inc. (BDCI) left Against All Authorities today.
List of titans AAA is losing with that:
Calelao [BDCI] Avatar
Crayathan [BDCI] Ragnarok
Jirad TiSalver [BDCI] Ragnarok
JuQuan [BDCI] Avatar
symbo [BDCI] Erebus
Thulsa Doom [BDCI] Ragnarok …

Farewell forum post from BDCI to AAA

From Against All Authorities forums:

Best of Luck!
Apologies for length, but there’s simply no easy way to say all this.
After nearly two years of flying with AAA, we have made the very hard decision to move on. When BDCI first approached AAA to discuss the possibilities of joining this …

AXDX-F cynojammer and carriers down

In an attempt to move the fight to the new Atals headquarters in Omist, Pandemic Legion forces have locked down AXDX-F (Omist) and killed the cynojammer, reinforced the system and fought a small battle, which resulted in Atlas alliance losing 5 carriers and other support ships.
DOTLAN link: …

Detorid falls – 77S8-E taken

77S8-E (Detorid) system was taken tonight by Pandemic Legion. This system is vital for any traffic from southern regions to not only Detorid itself, but to other parts of former Atlas alliance empire. Thee was virtually no opposition, and with securing the system, only clean up duties are now on …

Massive attack on Geminate

Northern coalition launched massive attack against station systems of Red Alliance in Geminate. This is the first coordinated attempt to regain these systems, that were lost by Wildly Inappropriate. 7 months ago. Battle going on in P-E9GN (Geminate) with NC forces being lead by Stella Polaris, …

Renters empire collapsing

Green Alliance, renter unit of Atlas alliance, continues to loose corporations. Primary reason is Atlas alliance losing control of Insmother, Detorid and Wicked Creek, that had massive amount of rented systems. 20 system also lost sovereignty with the remaining being left day by day.
At its height …

NC stopping IRC counter-attack attempts

Multiple SBU´s were lost by Intrepid Crossing to NC fleets in attempts to regain control of 3 stations, they lost week ago. SBU´s being dropped in both EURO and US timezone weren´t able to be onlined in the 3 hour period.
Sources within Intrepid Crossing confirm, that the alliance is seriously …

3 IT Alliance CSAA killed

Pandemic Legion alliance using a spy in IT alliance managed to destroy 3 of the 5 CSAA that were in system 7UTB-F (Delve). No clear information what was build inside are known now. King from IT Alliance says it was a bug:
it was due to a forcefield bug, shield normaly only go down if you offline …

NC 600men fleet strikes back

Northern Coalition counterattack against NC., Ev0ke, Dead Terrorists and RED Overlord is in full motion. Yesterday approx. 600 men fleets assaulted and destroyed 3 towers in D2-HOS (Pure Blind), that was under attack for the last week.
KB link: …

True Reign Alliance in Wicked Creek

Force of True Reign alliance began to siege Atlas alliance system of F-EM4Q (Wicked Creek). Continuing their relationship with Cursed Alliance and Red Alliance, they will acquire certain territory in addition to their Scalding Pass holdings.
Tonight the Ihub in the above mentioned system was …

43 days of Insmother – RA victory

Today the last outpost in N7-KGJ (Insmother) was conquered by Red Alliance. This marks the overall conquest of this territory for Drone coalition forces. Following the first station being lost ot allies of Drone coalition, Pandemic Legion from HTA on 11th July 2010, the region was defeated in 43 …

CU9-T0 slugfest in Deklein

CU9-T0 (Deklein) was stage for a big engagement between NC., Evoke, RED.Overlord and Dead Terrorists vs Northern Coalition forces including Goonswarm Federation, Black Core Alliance, OWN Alliance, Wildly Inappropriate., Tactical Narcotics Team, Tau Ceti Federation and others.¨
Holdem from Rionnag …

The Initiative. defends 3-LJW3 (Detorid)

Combined forces of The Initiative. alliance and Initiative Mercenaries defended succesfully Legion of xXDEATHXx attempt to take sov in 3-LJW3 (Detorid) station system. 2 SBU´s were destroyed, and one carrier on Legion side was killed by subcapital fleet.
KB link: …

LEM Alliance next target of Northern Coalition

LEM Alliance () space in Geminate will be next target of Northern Coalition assault. Following the disbanding of Solipse. and taking over their space, the constellation of F-ZNNG (Geminate) will come under attack in coming days. Majesta Alliance and R.A.G.E. Alliance will spearhead the assault.

Y-MPWL is Atlas refugee spot

All members of Atlas Alliance have been suggested to move their assets to Y-MPWL (Providence) to escape the havoc Pandemic Legion and its allies are causing to their space.
DOTLAN link:

Consortium leaving Insmother and Atlas block

Following the defeats of Atlas Alliance, Consortium. (OWND.) have pulled down all tcu´s in Insmother and are moving out of the region. Together with other renters, hundreds of men in multiple corps already left or are in t he process of leaving the area, that will go Red Alliance/Legion of …

Night fights in AXDX-F in Omist

Pandemic Legion locked down the new Atlas Alliance HQ in Omist and harrassed their fleet around towers. The resulting battles costed Atlas loosing carriers 5 and 50+ subcapital ships.
KB …

Atlas chat during nyx loss

Excerpt of Atlas Alliance during Nyx loss in Omist – as described here

CrazyDK > log off
ebomx > log the fuck off!
Windaman > logg off
Kal’Thuzad > log off
Windaman > logg off?
Njana Ti > some need to lose things before …

AAA will loose 2 more corporations

Two Against All Authorities corporations announced internally they desire to leave in current days. AAA loosing the most active corporations could face potentionally mean massive problems in stability of whole south.
Corporation leaving are PPN United (-PUN-) is mostly a German/Austrian corp …

Atlas Nyx killed in Omist

First Atlas Alliance Nyx dead in Omist. It was killed under active cynojammer, with pure subcapital fleet in AXDX-F (Omist) piloted by Darth Moon from Princeps corp.
Kb links:
Pandemic Legion …

Rebellion and Stella Polaris vs Cenit Obscenitas

Geminate has been hit by two groups of Northern Coalition. While Majesta Alliance and R.A.G.E. Alliance continue its advance in the western part, its north is being attacked by joint force of Rebellion Alliance and Stella Polaris. Latest battle was fought around the 3USX-F(Geminate) system, which …