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D´K stops defending their towers

Another large faction tower was killed tonight in 9UY4-H (Providence). Property of Minmatar Ship Construction Services (MSCS), this large True Sansha Control Tower is just another in a row of towers that were killed without resistance by Pandemic Legion (PL). After KBP7-G towers were killed, the …

R.A.G.E. rages in evemail about fail fleets

Regarding events during the Darkside. and Cursed Alliance fights in ZLZ-1Z (vale of the Silent)
KB link: http://www.ragealliance.com/killboard/?a=kill_related&kll_id=46419
Courtesy of Iseeyouseemeseeyou:
From: busman
Sent: 2010.09.06 21:54
To: R.A.G.E,
Im totally embrassed to be part of what …

AAA loses a dyspro moon to INIT.

Against All Authorities lost its dysprosium moon in PPFB-U (Immensea) to The Initiative. (INIT.). One of the reasons to the current war, when AAA refused to hand over the highend moons in INIT. territory, despite being asked multiple times, INIT. being allied with them and location of the moons in …

INIT. leader evemail to the members

Sister Bliss, leader of The Initiative. (INIT.) alliance and CEO of Vanishing Point. (VANIS) corporation, sent out an explaining evemail to alliance members, regarding the latest events with Against All Authorities (AAA).
-A-‘s actions, through its gunboat/dismissive diplomacy, failure to …

Dead terrorists grows their ranks massively

Dead Terrorists (IKILU) alliance has seen an unprecedented growth in character numbers in last 10 days. 4 new corporations joined The Cloud Ring based alliance and added almost 300 pilots, which represents approx. 25% growth.
Name – Ticker – Size:

Born-2-Kill – B2K – …

AAA beaten in B-3QPD

Against All Authorities (AAA) engaged a returning The Initiative. fleet 2 jumps from their home system in B-3QPD (Catch). Being outnumbered 2:1, the results were to be expected. The Initiative. (INIT.) has won the engagements and held the field. AAA retreated than home.
Battle overview
for B-3QPD, …

GE-8JV camp skirmish overview

The system got camped for several hours, with Against All Authorities (AAA) and allies having slight majority in local numbers, about 220 to 170 The Initiative. and Pandemic Legion. AAA stay docked or at staging tower with only stragglers caught by the hostiles. INIT. gang leaving left numbers …

AAA double troubles: Tenerifis under attack

Another part of Against All Authorities territory got hit. Tenerifis region, most eastern territory of AAA, was yesterday attacked by The Initiative. (INIT.), White Noise. (WN) and Legion of xXDEATHXx (XIX). They used a big armor hac+logistics gang of about 160 pilots. Station systems of …

AAA solution: The Collective sets tax up to 100%

Main corporation of Against All Authorities are getting ready for this fight. The Collective sets taxes immediately up to 100% for this campaign.
COL Nulab Jones Call to put all corp tax’s to 100% during the INT campaign
Lets trim the fat
Raise all corp tax’s to 50-100% during the int …

AAA after 4 years under siege

More than 200 The Initiative. (INIT.) and Pandemic Legion (PL) capitals are currently sieging many (10+ reported) Against All Authorities (AAA) CSAA´s in their home region. They are camping their home system – GE-8JV – as well, with station and gates bubbled.
System …

2 Atlas corps to Blade.

2 former Atlas Alliance corporations are heading for Blade. alliance. Living in Fountain and part of IT alliance power block, Blade. is a new home for:

The All-Seeing Eye
Task Force Zener

Blade. corporations

Next CSAA killed: Nyx or Aeon in it?

KBP7-G (Providence) system was controlled again by Pandemic Legion (PL) tonight. No defense from Damu´Khonde and Providence alliances was seen. IHub got knocked into second reinforce cycle and the reinforced CSAA tower was killed there as well.
Destroyed …

INIT. claims first outpost in AAA homespace

Another former Atlas alliance system is taken by The Initiative. (INIT.) in Catch. KA6D-K (Catch) has an outpost and was sieged multiple times in recent days by Against All Authorities (AAA) to get it back. AAA did not put up an IHub, so Initiative Mercenaries managed to shoot the station and claim …

SLPR has first constellation in Geminate

Stella Polaris. (SPLR) takes almost over their first constellation in Geminate. V1G-63 constellation is right between Vale of the Silent and The Kalevala Expanse, has 3 outposts and SPLR control all systems outside Q-TBHW (Geminate), which is reinforced an the TCu should be conquered within few …

KBP7-G and 9UY4-H besieged

Pandemic Legion keeps the KBP7-G (Providence) system reinforced and there are also towers reinforced, from which at least 1 has a Capital Ship Assembly Array. Today the IHUb comes out RF timer, so we can await plenty of action in order to save it.
In 9UY4-H (Providence), which is D´K home system, …

Initiative. claims first system in Catch

The Initiative. claimed their first system in Catch ever, WD-VTV (Catch). First attempt was unsuccessful, when Against All Authorities and friends killed the TCU 7 minutes till become online. The second attempt worked much better and the system is now theirs. AAA and En Garde (ENGRE) tried to use …

New alliance in Geminate: Corcoran State

Getting first sovereignty ever is always a huge milestone for any aspiring alliance. For Corcoran State (CS) this day came on 9th September 2010. Claiming sovereignty in D-I9HJ (Geminate). They are working together with BricK sQuAD. (BS) and other new Geminate groups to claim a piece of real estate …

All highend moons in Syndicate belong to IT

Without any opposition the last 3 highend moons were taken by IT Alliance (IT). All were held by Dead Terrorists alliance. This marks end of this campaign to claim the highend moons in the area. As for this moment, all of them are now owned by IT.
Moons overview:
57-YRU VI – Moon 5 – …

Killed 7 minutes till online

The Initiative. continues in provocations in Against All Authorities (AAA) space. After beating them in KBP7-G (Providence) together with Pandemic Legion, they dropped a TCU in WD-VTV (Catch). This system was a former jump point for Atlas Alliance, that dropped sovereignty on September the 2nd. …

SOLAR/IRC siege of VY-866 fails

Northern Coalition (NC) showed in full force in Cobalt Edge yesterday and successfully defended the reinforced VY-866 (Cobalt Edge) outpost. A property of Morsus Mihi (RAWR), it was reinforced by joint SOLAR Fleet (SF) and Intrepid Crossing (IRC) fleets 2 days ago. During the fight, the NOD of the …

Pandemic Legion has first station in Providence

Pandemic Legion conquered 9-F0B2 (Providence) outpost system. It was a former Atlas Alliance station, that was left to be taken over due to recent Atlas fail cascade. Imperial 0rder (I0) was, due to Providence holders decision, supposed to take over the outpost and system, however when PL killed 2 …

Damu´Khonde biggest corp leaving

As first victim of the pressure Pandemic Legion is executing in Providence, Damu´Khonde´s biggest corp, The Littlest Hobos (WEDIE) is leaving the alliance. Rumors say they will be joining either Against All Authorities or other alliance in close vicinity of the south area of EVE world.
Farewell …

NC controls 3 Geminate constellations

Northern Coalition forces control from today absolutely 3 Geminate region constellations. Last LEM Alliance system G-73MR (Geminate) was conquered with a small skirmish.
New sovereignty holders are:
Majesta Empire (7 gained systems)
R.A.G.E. (4)
BricK sQuAD. …

Atlas Omist towers reinforced

A capital heavy fleet of Legion of xXDEATHXx, White Noise. and Red Alliance counting around 300 pilots today reinforced most of the remaining Atlas Alliance towers in Omist, including all towers with CSAA´s. Primary targets were the remaining station systems, especially
Some of them contain yet …

White Noise rolls into Omist

White Noise. acquired two outposts from Atlas alliance (ATLAS) in Omist region. Omist, known as the farthest region of Eve, where not many players ever were, was conquered by Atlas in February 2009, from United Legion and Tau Ceti Federation. Certain areas of Omist are already being offered for …