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Dev Post: Command Ships

This is one of a few threads discussing issues surrounding our changes to Command Ships, warfare links, and local repair modules for Odyssey 1.1 and beyond.
The other threads are :
Warfare Links, Mindlinks, Gang Bonuses
Local armor and shield rep changes
Command Ship model changes
We posted the …

Dev Post: Warfare Links, Mindlinks, Gang bonuses

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Laozi
For Odyssey 1.1. we’re going to be taking a swing at aspects of our warfare link features, as well as rebalancing command ships. We believe that the package of changes we’ve put together will be a …

A Little Gasoline on the Fire in Fountain?

A check of the map over at DOTLAN shows that the sovereignty clean up in Fountain continues apace. But I did notice a system of a different color this morning.

6VDT-H in Orange

The system 6VDT-H, the symbolic capital of Fountain for TEST, the place they went all-in on in last Sunday’s big …

CSM Dev Blog: “Reasonable Things” Voting Phase

Riverini’s Note: Even if you don’t care about the CSM, you should take the time to read this and vote.
If you're having EVE problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems to set the devs on.

About three weeks ago, the 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) asked you for …

Seraph IX Basarab: After the Fall of Fountain

Being unsubbed and inactive for even longer has not stopped me from keeping privy to the happenings of Eve unfortunately. Although life’s been more busy than I would like for it to be, I keep coming back to Eve like a typical no self respecting junkie hoping to sniff just a bit of the white …

* Updated * Of Sound Mind Ejected From Provi Block

The below is taken from http://providenceregion.blogspot.nl/2013/07/critical-news-alert-of-sound-mind.html
At 03:00 on July 30th Of Sound Mind was stripped of blue standings from CVA and purged from OOG Provibloc services. Several hours latter after last ditched diplomatic attempts failed Of …

4O1K moves to Aridia, adjoins the N3 fleet.

During the weekend some of our friends had been keeping us up to date with the recent 4O1k movements. Namely the extremely hostile situation in which their relationship with Black Legion. has devolved into. Killmails like this one pretty much tells you how much does Black Legion. wishes to take …

Greedy Goblin: Separate but equal

Why to resist CFC? Why to lose Fountain when all we had to do is to bow to Mittens and keep it as CFC members? Why throw away HBC and pick up the “rebel” gimmick?
There are several alliances in the CFC. Formally they are equal. No one calls them pets inside. But, despite shared jabber, …

6VDT-H – The Biggest Battle in EVE History Ends the War in Fountain

Wilhelm Acturus from The Ancient Gaming Noob made what is probably the single most detailed account of yesterday’s event, he was there and here is the battle report.
Well, we won, not only the largest battle in the history of “Eve Online”, but also Fountain. While I was out …

Video: Eve Dumb Ways to Die (Parody)

Check out this cute and tragic Eve Online Parody of “Dumb Ways to Die” by Rixx Javix and Sindel Pellion. In case you are wondering what the hell the original “Dumb Ways to Die” video was all about, it was a PSA campaign for the austalian metro system, it featured “a …

Fiddler’s Edge: The Cost of Kingdoms

The following blog post was published 4 days ago, still this is one of the best reads I had in weeks and brings a good perspective of what to expect of recent events.
The recent birth announcements for Britain’s new little Saxe Coburg Gotha princeling have gotten me thinking about Richard …

Mad Haberdashers: Fountain Flip Flop

So with the battle of 6VDT over TEST has effectively lost any realistic hope of holding Fountain. They can launch strikes. Well, they will launch strikes, and they will whelp at least one more CFC fleet because this is EvE and that kind of thing happens, but Fountain will belong to whoever CFC …

*Updated* Li3 Federation Titan down in 6VDT-H – Video Added

Imagine your side survived one of the largest fleet engagements in EVE Online history and you decide its time to help your buddies to leave, you sit in the safe POS with your titan and bridge them out, right? easy? Well think again, maelle salazard from Li3 Federation was taught the hard way why …

TEST Alliance Please Ignore retreats to Delve

6VDT was fought valiantly today by TEST alliance and friends against the CFC, needless to say it looks like the outcome of the campaign was to decided before the first shot was fired today:

— TEST Forums Announcement —-
Today we fought in 6VDT. We didn’t fight to save the station, …

Video: The Paths of EVE

Youtube user Markonius Porkbutte made the following EVE Online general video, which needless to say looks pretty nice. CCP Games should jump in the wagon and tell players to create their own “this is EVE, you should give it a try” videos competition.
Anyhow, sit back and

Mabrick: You’re Making Us Look Bad

This is another reddit inspired post. The post that got me thinking about this is Rage of a NewBro. You can go ahead and read the post, and the comments too, but this is a VERY long story, as in a page of small reddit font. The tl;dr is the NewBro was accused by a corporate bigwig of making the …

TAGN: TEST Invokes a Star Wars Metaphor, Casts The Mittani as Emperor

A new bit of video propaganda that cropped up this week, putting the war into very understandable nerd terms I suppose.

(Direct link here)
The best bit for me was at about 0:32 where the picture they used is one I took. (It is also the thumbnail picture.)
I’ll take that as a compliment. I …

* LIVE * 3000+ Coverage of the battle for 6VDT

3000+ forming up for 6VDT. This could be amazing. CCP is aware that the battle will most likely happen so we are assuming they will reinforce the node.

Here is the live feed for the

Jester’s Trek: E pluribus unum

Not long after I first started playing EVE Online, a buddy of mine who had been playing for a year or so by that time joined a large sov-holding null-sec alliance.  He soon reported that one of the membership requirements of his alliance was a monthly tax on all members.  I don’t …

The Dinner Squadron – State of The Coalition Meeting

Sister Bliss from INIT. drives the meeting. here is a summary for the TL;DL afflicted:
-No recordings please (LOL)
-damn russians took our high end moons!
-slight help from TEST helped us prevail – we are amazing!
-We moved to Stain
-We are awesome, we purged stain of russian …

R O G U E Alliance to Evac Cobalt Edge…

R O G U E and the rest of the N3 blues-set has been busy threatening each other and resetting standing, take a look at the space opera which developed in a series of interesting emails:

From:Faras Nrom
To:Brothers of Tangra
Date:2013-07-25 09:27:00
As most of you have already …

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To The Contact Watch-list?

For a game that prides itself on a player’s ability to spy on enemies via infiltration of enemy corps and alliances, the watchlist seems like a cheat. It’s a lazy form of espionage that requires no effort.
What is the watchlist? It’s a mechanic that allows you to add any …

TEST Military Update – Please Ignore

It seems I’ve inherited a house on fire.
With NC. off in the east, and the threat of their supers gone with them, Goons and co have gone on an RFing spree. I’m sure I don’t need to reiterate what you all already know. They’ve taken about a third of the non-npc space in the …

*Updated* RAW: From TEST Logi Director to TEST heist director.

Goon Jabber:
(05:08:31 PM) directorbot: A TEST Logi director just went rogue and stole everything in their Logi hangars in Karan, NOL, K-6 and 6VDT, all gone. It seems like the leadership of TEST are officially abandoning ship and grabbing everything not nailed down.
*** This was a broadcast from …

Dev Blog: Fine Tuning Aiming and Controls

The feel of aiming is a complex area and there are many things in a game that have an impact on it. The feedback we have received in this area since May has been very useful but also very varied. In some cases this feedback was conflicting and in others it was just plain confusing. We have …