Watch This: EVEntures – The Miner’s Burden

Check out this hilariously pointless EVE Online animation, I really like the cell shaded style given to the graphics.

From the youtuber:
This is a pilot, i made …

Tribal Band to forfeit Paragon Soul & Period Basis, Moving to Stain

I was sent this small Tribal Band update this morning which should be of interest for anyone living in the neighboring regions.
Bl1SkR1N Wrote:
Hey folks, we had some really …

Video: Check out the EVE Online AT XI Prize Ships

AkrasjelLanate logged into the Sisi server and took a long detailed look at the prize ships for the recently completed Alliance Tournament XI, won by none other than Pandemic …

Open thread: CFC and Allies to implement a renting system?

We have been getting this intel all day, but it was until now that I got confirmation of it, so take your chance and comment before the double think pieces come out.
directorbot: …

The Initiative leaves the Dinner Squadron

– Sister Bliss speaking
– going to new objective with Walltreipers and friends.
– Leaving stain
– Init and …