EVE Valkyrie Without The Oculus Rift?

Excited about EVE Valkyrie? Well you should be, but don’t expect to be playing it on the very well received (not on the market) Oculus Rift. At least not at first.
News of …

Battle Report: Tuesday Night Victory Lap – Erebus Down!

Rack up another Titan kill. This one apparently brought you to by a character named Wicked Princess who left left DooM and NCdot  over a year ago.
She apparently maintained an …

DICKX Unleashed: A True Logistics Story- Part Two

Continued from part one which you can find it here: http://evenews24.com/2013/09/15/dickx-unleashed-a-true-logistics-story-part-one/
-YHN-3k & Catch-
We were …

DICKX Unleashed: A True Logistics Story- Part One

Join me – for this story is Epic – As the great generals of times past like Pompey had spent more time planning the logistics of their wars than the war itself …

TEST Alliance Moving to Curse

Breaking news, TEST is moving in with Tribe for the most part, here is the forum post, in the form of a Q&A