New Eden Spotlight: Capital Down!

Do you guys like watching Capital Ships explode?
If yes then you will love this weeks Spotlight.
It’s all about the boom and we’ve brought to you 3 videos uploaded …

*New* Ship Size Comparison Video from Eve Outtakes

EVE Outtakes does it again. Another fantastic video showing all sorts of eve ships compared to stuffs.
From the video description.
This is the second part of the shipsizevideo. …

Our EVE: Tags for Security status feature information and gameplay

JonnyPew tells us all about Tags for Security status featuring information and gameplay from sisi test server.

Tags for Security status feedback thread
Dev blog
Follow the …

New Eden Spotlight Featuring JonnyPew: Top Ten Greatest Things About Eve Online

A special edition New Eden Spotlight featuring JonnyPew. Happy 10th birthday EVE. Here’s our pick of the Top 10 Greatest things about EVE

Our EVE: New Radial Menu Demonstration

The Radial Menu, designed by Team Pony Express, is the new in space menu for capsuleers. The feature is now available for testing on the Singularity test server.
Jonnypew explains …