*Update* The 1 Trillion ISK TROLL

Scamming is an increasingly common profession within EVE Online. Main trading hubs, channels and recruitment channels are highly populated with many of these market bandits (Jita …

*LIVE* Battle For 9UY4-H *LIVE*

Mad Ani is streaming the fight in 9UY4-H.The fight is being prepared from both sides so be sure to watch the firework!
Watch live video from Mad_Ani on

Battle Reports: Black Legion Super Cap Welp

Yesterday night, a successful attempt of baiting Black Legions performed by PL which resulted in almost 900 bil losses including 28 BL supers .
It all started with Perseus …

* LIVE * EVE Vegas Presentations

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V0LTA Leaves Verge of Collapse, Reforms Triumvirate!

Yesterday, I was shocked to see that V0LTA together with Euphoria Released had left Verge of collapse. Immediately I knew this couldn’t be a Awox attempted or anything like …