SYS-K SPY: Operation Chocolate Fountain details

Systematic-Chaos (SYSK) starts their already announced campaign to support IT Alliance. Details in upcoming mail.
Operation Chocolate Fountain
From: Kel’taith
Sent: …

AUDIO: IT Alliance meeting 24-01-2011

IT Alliance meeting from 24.1.2011 regarding the latest development.
Audio recording link – 36

SYS-K adapts Dont give shit about Period Basis PLAN and will move north to fully support IT

Systematic-Chaos (Sys-K) will fully deploy Fountain to help IT Alliance(IT). Sys-k will be “dont give shit period basis” mode and all pvp/capital assets will be to move …

True Reign reinforces RA station, RA repels the attack

An force of about 30 True Reign pilots attacked RA once again and reinforced the station and ihub in FYD-TO (Scalding Pass). True Reign utilized their focused strength during US …

X13 and FINFLEET leave IT Alliance

X13 and Finfleet corporations have officially left IT Alliance. Following their 5 point statement towards rest of IT corporations that can be found in detail analysis here – …