Today Junko Sidesweep, CEO of love squad and leader of Confederation of xXPIZZAXx announced the ending of the alliance.

He announced the news with a speech on Teamspeak, which you can find here:

But who are Pizza you ask?

Well pizza have been in the spotlight in recent months due to their campaigns against both Test Alliance Please Ignore and Tribal band during the Fountain war. While Test was busy up north in Fountain, Pizza took it upon themselves to harass Test and Tribal band moon POS’s and general logistical chain, making life much more unpleasant for many in Delve and Period Basis. They quickly established themselves as a capable bomber force along with dabbling in Black ops battleships drops as well as the occasional Talwar gang into other regions. But as Test and Tribal band moved on to other things pizza quickly found itself missing something, something vital, an objective. As Pizza looked elsewhere for fun, they found themselves aligned with Black legion increasingly. With the war kicking off between Solar/Black legion/Stainwagon and the N3, Pizza allied to Black legion and joined in the fight on their side, recently i sat down with Junko Sidesweep to talk about all things Pizza.

Q. flatterpillo > So recently you announced the official closing down of pizza, what was the main driving force behind this decision?
A. Junko Sideswipe > basically our leadership was not able to dedicate the time needed to run an alliance consisting of multiple corps. Several of our motivating FC’s and content generators, including myself, have more obligations to real life than we had in the past and i would rather close pizza and give my corp content than see it rot from inactivity.

Q. flatterpillo > Black legion were probably your best know ally, how did this relationship start off? why do you think your two alliances were drawn together?
A. Junko Sideswipe > it started way back when pizza was new, we were on friendly terms with their leadership at the time, I think it was mfume and we tagged along on some fleets and let them know about some reinforced R64s. One year ago we got back in touch with Elo Knight through my director womyn power, and made an effort to help them out in their venal shenanigans, we suggested they come down to Delve soon after and roll test in a big deployment, we worked together quite a bit on that, had some great fleets we found we just got along really well, we had a similar goal in the game, which was basically to fuck with sov entities while remaining mobile and living in NPC areas.

Q. flatterpillo > Is this why you have decided to move your corporation, love squad, into black legion?
A. Junko Sideswipe > There is no better nullsec alliance in the game that suits our interests more than black legion, no other corporation, alliance, or coalition has ever had the cohesion or respect we receive from them.

Q. flatterpillo > Confederation of xXPIZZAXx was best known for its superb bombing runs, was this a goal for the alliance or did it come around naturally over time?
A. Junko Sideswipe > it grew naturally, especially after the buff where bombers wouldn’t de-cloak each other in a group. We saw -A-‘s failed invasion of Delve, and wheniminspace ran some numbers, and he realized all these tier 3 BC fleets could be wiped out with only a handful of bombs, (like 4 or 5) that really pushed us into bombing, the fact that we could wipe out tens of dudes all at once with very little numbers was perfect for us.

Q. flatterpillo > What would you say Pizza’s main goal was in its lifetime?
A. Junko Sideswipe > our main goal was really to just stay active, enjoy the game, make sure people learn from their mistakes, harvest some tears and better our skills over time.

Q. flatterpillo > Do you think there is a possibility of seeing pizza come back in one form or another in the future?
A. Junko Sideswipe > sure, give me another TEST or TRIBE in eve and we’ll be there blopsing their carriers, awoxing their renters and bombing their fleets on jump bridges.

Q. flatterpillo > have you ever considered going after a renting empire such as Brothers of Tangra or Northern Associates?
A. Junko Sideswipe > Well the problem with going out into drone regions is that there’s no NPC space out there to base out of. like I said in my speech, we went 60 jumps out there to find renter carriers in 2011. Hopefully with the new expansion, and the reduced warp times, that might change the amount of time investment required but it’s pretty difficult to find good npc staging systems to base out of in this game from which we can assault certain geographic areas. I think this is the biggest problem for an alliance like ours on how it operates and how to minimize the amount of time spent wasting roaming around looking for targets.

Q. flatterpillo > With the closing of pizza, i fear this may be the last time this question may be relevant so I shall ask it now. What is your favourite pizza?
A. Junko Sideswipe > cheese pizza with spinach and feta on top
Junko Sideswipe > I’m serious, my favourite pizza toppings are spinach and feta, you gotta try it dude.
flatterpillo > im more of a fan of the simple cheese and tomato maybe a pepperoni :)
Junko Sideswipe > yeah, to each their own.

flatterpillo > Well thank you very much for your time, I wish your corporation very well in the future and perhaps we shall see Pizza reborn one day in a blaze of bombs :)
Junko Sideswipe > yeah thank you, we’ll still be out there bombing for Black legion as love squad.

And so there you have it folks, another one bites the dust. Rest In Peace Pizza … your bombing runs shall never be forgotten.


  1. waltari

    So the alliance that claimed to be on no ones side and bombing all. but black. legion now disbands due to missing test or tribe? Did i missed something? The guy is literaly saying “we are simply too bad @ eve to face anyone else”, lawl.

    November 9, 2013 at 9:04 am Reply
    1. Gothic Light

      I’m an internet tough guy who no one will ever remember for anything except my. uncanny ability to. put full. stops literally. anywhere in a sentance.

      November 9, 2013 at 1:42 pm Reply
      1. waltari


        November 9, 2013 at 5:27 pm Reply
  2. EVE is no more

    Hmm… All i know Pizza of is their constant awox’ing in former Southern alliances. Is that pro?

    November 9, 2013 at 4:53 pm Reply
  3. WatermelonChickenJesus

    :( I liked their logo

    November 12, 2013 at 4:16 pm Reply

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