With the I-HUB timer set to come out at 20:30 eve time, Provi-Block formed up 90 minutes early. They took down a Of Sound Mind POS and prepared for oncoming storm. Provi-Block formed up a 230-man sentry Battlecruiser fleet accompanied by a 20-man Bomber squadron, a 50-man Support Battlecruiser fleet and a 25-man Sniping T3 Battlecruiser gang. Insidious Empire formed up a 200-man fleet composed of mostly eagles. Pandemic legion formed up a 50man Tengu fleet (again using their RR fit). Seeing the killboards full of previous nights bombing successes a 30man strong Bombers bar fleet of bombers (no surprise here) formed up to join the festivities. Against all Authorities and Darkness of Despair also formed up a 40man Tengu fleet with Scimitar support and finally Initiative and Walltreipers Alliance formed up a 30man Tengu sniping gang. Oh, and of course we had the usual Triumvirate Ishtar gang show up, what would a 9UY4-H fight be without Triumvirate in sniping 2.5km/s Ishtars?

As the I-HUB timer came out of Reinforcement the Provi-Block fleet prepared for battle. 5 minutes went by, then 10, then 15 and Provi-Block began to wonder if Insidious Empire were going to show up at all tonight? Finally at 21:00 a Cyno went up, for whatever reason the Insidious Empire fleet decided to wait a few minutes before jumping through the Cyno. As the Provi-Block warped to them the Insidious Empire fleet quickly warped off with a few of their brother in arms caught in a last second bubble put up by a Provi-Block member. As the Insidious Empire fleet warped back to the fight a brawl ensued that saw both sides sustaining equal injuries, a Provi-Block bomber squadron then de-cloaked and launched their packages of pain at the Insidious Empire fleet forcing them to warp off field.

Pandemic Legion had jumped into system by this point; they quickly grouped up with the Insidious Empire forces at the I-HUB and began forcing it down to its next Reinforcement cycle. As Provi-Block Forces warped to the I-HUB and began engaging the Insidious Empire fleet a Bombers bar bomb run landed on the Provi-Block forces, nearly crippling their entire fleet, luckily for Provi-Block the bomb run only reduced them to 25% armour (a few more bombs and the night might have ended there.) The brawl continues with the Sentry ships of Provi-Block gaining the slight edge over the HAC’s of Insidious Empire, Insidious Empire seeing this warped off field. As Provi-Block attempted to engage Pandemic Legion it became apparent that they were unable to break the tank on the Tengus and so Provi-Block warped off. Just as Provi-Block warped off a Provi-Block bomber squadron de-cloaked to bomb Pandemic Legion, the Tengus tank holds though and so Pandemic Legion continued to engage the I-HUB. Triumvirate then warped onto field and began to engage the Pandemic Legion Tengus while in their standard shield fit microwarp drive Ishtars. As the Ishtars kited the Tengus, Provi-Block bombers de-cloaked and launched their second salvo of the night directly into the pack of Triumvirate Ishtars, grabbing a few kills and forcing Triumvirate to warp off field losing them a set of sentry’s.

As the remaining Insidious Empire forces regrouped on a gate preparing to go the few jumps out to their home system to reship they encountered another Provi-Block bomber squadron and the majority of their fleet is lost. While waiting inside of their POS the Provi-Block forces encountered a Against all Authorities and Darkness of Despair Tengu fleet looking for a fight, the Provi-Block forces stayed in their POS and so the Stainwagon forces warped to the station in search of a fight, again they find nothing. Pandemic Legion jumped through to 4B in chase of an Elusive Darkness Cerebus gang that had been pestering the system all night. As Pandemic legion landed on the 4B-NQN gate in 9UY4-H a small bomb run led by Bombers Bar bombed them but did minimal damage. As the Pandemic legion fleet jumped through the 4B gate they cannot find the Cerebus gang and so jump back into 9UY and engage the I-HUB again. As they engaged the I-HUB yet another bomb run (courtesy of Bombers bar) landed on the Pandemic legion Tengu fleet, and yet again they managed to tank it no problem. Many of you might be wondering how Bombers bar was able to resupply with bombs so quickly, well Providence is a NRDS region that allows neutrals to dock up and use their stations. Bombers bar is not a corporation or a alliance but rather a fleet of bombers that group up with one another to attack targets of opportunity, they come from far and wide across the eve galaxy and so the majority of them are neutral to Provi-Block, thus allowing them to dock up and restock quickly.

Insidious Empire had reshipped by this point and had travelled the few short jumps from their staging system in Assah to 9UY4-H. As they warped to the I-HUB they were caught in a drag bubble, luckily for them the Provi-Block bombers happened to have been in the exact location as where the Insidious Empire fleet landed, and so the Provi-Block bombers were quickly dispatched of without doing a single HP of damage to the Insidious Empire fleet. As Pandemic Legion and Insidious Empire continued to wear down the I-HUB, the Stainwagon Tengus landed on grid at a sniping range and began to take out Insidious Empires support ships. Insidious Empire unable to hit the Long range Stainwagon tengus were forced off field. As Pandemic Legion aligned up to the Stainwagon tengus the Stainwagon tengus warped off leaving only dust in their trail and frustration for Pandemic Legion. Insidious Empire warped back in and along with Pandemic legion they continued to engage the I-HUB. The Stainwagon forces warped back in at range, and continued to snipe. Then Bombers bar de-cloaked and unleashed their bombs directly into the flock of tengus causing them to fly off.

Provi-Block forces warped onto the I-HUB and began engaging Insidious Empire forces for a 3rd time, when a Provi-Block bomber squadron managed to get a good portion of the Insidious Empire fleet caught in a bomb run, relieving them of more ships and pods. As Triumvirate landed on field and began setting up they quickly encountered a Bombers bar bombing squadron and so are forced off field. As Provi-Block again tried to break the tank of Pandemic Legion a Mildly Intoxicated bomb run caught Provi-Block, causing a few casualties and a lot of damage. As Provi-Block withdrew to the station to repair up, Insidious Empire warped off field to allow their logistics pilots to catch up on the broadcasts. Pandemic legion now find themselves fighting the Stainwagon tengus, the Stainwagon forces were loosing the fight horribly and so warped off leaving Pandemic legion alone with the I-HUB, you can guess what they did next (they hit the I-HUB.) The Stainwagon forces warped back at range and engage the Pandemic legion tengus but yet again are on the losing side and so warped off.

Provi-Block undocked and aligned to the 4B gate, Insidious Empire instantly warped to the station and as they land Provi-Block warped to the 4B gate, Insidious Empire warps after them to the 4B gate where they were caught in a bubble and bombed by Provi-Block forces, they tank this fine though continue to jump through. Pandemic Legion now warped to the 4B gate and jumped through to hook up with their Insidious Empire allies to proceed to give Provi-Block a bloody nose. As they jumped through Provi-Block jumped back into 9UY4-H and prepared for their final stand. As Pandemic Legion and Insidious Empire jumped back into 9UY4-H they found themselves caught in a group of bubbles surrounded by Provi-Block bombers with Provi-Block sniping battlecruisers at range and the Main Sentry fleet pulling range from the gate. The fight began but Provi-Block quickly found themselves outgunned when Triumvirate jumped through and began engaging Pandemic legion. Pandemic legions’ attention now diverted to Triumvirate, Provi-Block began to make headway against the Insidious Empire fleet but as they continued to burn off from the gate they too take heavy casualties. It becomes apparent that Provi-Block is losing the fight and so they warped off, leaving behind anything caught in bubbles to be executed by Insidious Empire. Upon seeing this the Provi-block bomber squadron launched one last set of bombs at Insidious Empire before also withdrawing to the safety of their station. As Pandemic legion warped back to the I-HUB to push it down to it’s next Reinforcement cycle, they get caught in bubbles and are bombed by bombers bar, again they tank the damage just fine though and manage to kill off a large portion of the bombers.

The Darkness Cerebus gang re-entered system and Pandemic legion instantly warped to the 4b gate attempting to engage them, the Darkness gang quickly warp off though and so Pandemic legion make their way home, I-HUB still not reinforced. Insidious Empire also decided to head home as Provi-Block seemed to not want to fight, instead electing to stay in their POS. As the enemy fleets leaved system Provi-Block noticed the fact that the SBU’S are still vulnerable and so corebloodbrothers (the Provi-Block FC) called everyone to make a late night so they could liberate the 9UY4-H system. As Provi-Block engaged the 1st SBU they are harassed non stop by Noir and OF Sound Mind bombers, causing minimal damage but disturbing their operations, if only temporarily. As the first SBU falled and Provi-Block warped to the 2nd SBU a Initative/Walltreipers Alliance Tengu sniping gang warped at range from them. While initially unable to break the Sentry Battlecruisers tank from Provi-Block they began to target cruiser sized hulls and found more success. Provi-Block bombers continue to try and bomb the Tengu gang but are unable to catch them in time before they warp off. As Noir/Of Sound Mind continued to launch bombs, they lose a steady stream of bombers until they reached the critical point where they no longer have enough bombers to do any serious damage and so they headed home.

As Provi-Block continued to wear down the SBU a Bombers bar squadron of around 30 bombers de-cloaked and launched their bombs, but not at Provi-Block. Instead they elected to launch their bombs at the SBU for some weird reason, maybe as a thank you to Provi-Block for providing them with plenty of targets to shoot at that night or maybe they just got bored, i guess we will never know. As the 2nd SBU is about to fall, a reshipped Pandemic legion and Insidious Empire fleet entered system. As they warped onto the Provi-Block fleet the Provi-Block fleet elects to stay on grid and take a few hits to ensure the destruction of the SBU. As the SBU falls down the Provi-Block fleet quickly warped to the 4B gate, jumping through on contact and bubblbing behind them. In the 4B system they make their 2nd final stand. As Pandemic legion and Insidious empire jump through a bloody brawl starts that see’s the majority of the Provi-Block fleet destroyed and a sizeable portion of the Insidious Empire Brutix fleet also destroyed. Pandemic legion and Insidious empire headed home again after seeing Provi-Block not reship, but yet again they leave the I-HUB un-reinforced. As the EU guys go to sleep, the US Provi-Block guys formed a tier 3 battlecruiser fleet and destroy the last SBU in system, with all 3 SBU’s now down Provi-Block repaired the I-HUB back up, thus resetting all of the attackers work from the previous days.

Later that night more SBU’s were put up and the I-HUB was forced down to its 1st timer again. Currently the Station timer is set to come out 5:30pm Eve time 23rd of October with the I-HUB at around 7pm Eve time also on the 23rd of October. With 2 timers set for 1 day we are sure to see some big fights occur, the question on everybodys mind though is after their recent Supercap loss to Pandemic legion how will this affect Black legions status in the Providence region? Perhaps at the loss of their Supercap fleet they will look more to Subcap brawls and in particular in Providence? Or Perhaps they will now look west to their renting space and prepare to defend that against the possibility of a incoming invasion? Time will tell but one thing Is clear, tonight was certainly a victory for Provi-Block.

A partial video of the battle from Provi-Block perspective:


  1. Michael Meio

    Songo le dio a borondongo
    borondongo le dio a bernabé
    bernabé le pegó a muchilanga le echó a burundanga
    les hinchan los pies

    It’s just a song by late Celia Cruz, as clear as the 9UY4-H mess.

    October 23, 2013 at 8:25 pm Reply
    1. brave provibear

      fumas de la buena

      October 23, 2013 at 10:50 pm Reply
  2. theronth

    What the hell is a Cerebus?

    October 23, 2013 at 9:11 pm Reply
    1. blob bystander

      If you don’t know, why are u on this website?

      October 24, 2013 at 5:44 am Reply
      1. theronth

        Always thought it was a Cerberus

        October 24, 2013 at 1:14 pm Reply
        1. flatterpillo

          Sorry, my word document auto corrected it and i forget about it :)

          October 24, 2013 at 1:35 pm Reply
          1. -A- member

            loool i was there as a -A- fleet member and 40 man tengus fleet from stainwagon? maybe you are too blind to see the bs fleet and our 160 tengus and scimi fleet. Get lost now and just for you to know provi and stainband had the victory and cleared the field.

            October 24, 2013 at 3:37 pm
          2. flatterpillo

            please try and note this report was from the 21st, the fleet you are talking about is from the 23rd
            please try and read the article next time

            October 24, 2013 at 6:19 pm
  3. Codo Yagari

    We will continue to send our ships into the meat grinder!

    October 23, 2013 at 10:43 pm Reply
  4. James in China


    October 24, 2013 at 1:54 am Reply
  5. Provi Grunt

    Damn, reading this article from the same shitty lying guy made me think was I hipnotized, was I a sleep and notknowing that I have played the EVE that night…..what a crap of bullshit…..u flatterpillo PLs and EMP pet ass licker need to stop this bullshit and tell ppl the real thing what was going on. It is obvious that ur flying with them and giving them ALOT of credits. Have u noticed that EMP has refited to cruiser ships (Moas) because we rapped their assess so many times so they don’t have any more money to cover/buy more brutixes?
    If u think Provi-Block is getting ass kicked all the time, look at the killboards of PL,EMP,Noir,SOUND and finaly ours…..u will see how good do we operate, let them keep coming, we still have so many ships to put on field and so many good pilots to fly with.
    U really make me sick when I see how much u can lick the shit from PLs and EMPs ass u f…..g faggot!

    October 24, 2013 at 8:20 am Reply
    1. Provi Grunt 2

      Actually if you read the whole thing this particular article was reasonably balanced. Yes the author does seem overly keen on PL but at the same time he did basically state that:

      ‘Time will tell but one thing Is clear, tonight was certainly a victory for Provi-Block.’

      That is not a particularly anti-Provi viewpoint and certainly would not prompt most sane Provi people to start foaming at the mouth…

      The fact is that Provi-bloc has got its ass kicked several times in this conflict – often stupidly – but it is still there, still fighting and still contesting. That is the message that is important.

      Getting mad with ‘reporters’ doesn’t really help spread it…

      October 24, 2013 at 8:49 am Reply
      1. Provi Grunt

        Still not good enough mate, if u are from provi as u say u are, then we both know how many times we kicked PLs tengus in their assess, every night they lost so many billions even before the main fight started, even last night we kicked their tech 3 ships with our sentries doctrine. I am mad at him and can’t let him lie about our good performence every night we put. We had few fleets up, not just cores fleet, a lot other good FCs created fleets to fight.

        October 24, 2013 at 9:24 am Reply
        1. Provi Grunt 2

          Look… Provi has at best performed ‘okay’ and while we have inflicted some losses on PL they have inflicted a lot more on us. Plus Provi is pretty much a shits ‘n giggles sideshow for PL. If you were a real Provi grunt then you should know that it is better to do your fighting in space and not in the comments section. I am proud of the way Provi has performed and its resilience in the face of some major odds and against some EVE’s ‘elite’ alliances – but lets not get ahead of ourselves or start beating the chest too strongly because that simply encourages even more people to pile in. And yes while that may be fun in the short term in the long run it could end up with a ruined Providence. So all I am saying is have fun – enjoy shooting shit in space – but leave the forum bravado out of it. Yes some of the writing in these articles is biased but there is no need to get psychotic over it – just prove the doubters wrong in game…

          October 24, 2013 at 9:48 am Reply
          1. Swamp donkey

            Looks like the Provi bombers performed well on that occasion. Well done Provi.
            I’m fare more interested in how the fight for the station timer went yesterday. From what I have heard, Stainwaggon fought on the Proviblock side and it was a win.
            Can any of the Proviblock posters give an update?

            October 24, 2013 at 11:51 am
          2. BestBlock

            “…while we have inflicted some losses on PL they have inflicted a lot more on us.”

            That’s simply not true. Provi keeps winning the ISK-war over and over with the cheap sentry doctrines.
            PL has won alot of battles, without a doubt, but their victories are alot more expensive than Provis.

            Just look at the last fight last night, when PL brought in their Proteuses. They lost 12, at a rough value of 600m a piece that’s 7,2 billion. In the same fight Provi lost some 25 BC’s and Cruisers, worth about 75m a piece. 1,8b.
            In total there has been 420 billion worth of ships blown up in 9UY during the last couple days. The vast majority of that is not Provi.

            You’re of course correct that this is shits’n’giggles for PL. They haven’t deployed caps and have people elsewhere etc. But if you think they’re pouring billions and billions onto the field night after night to lose that’s simply not true.

            October 24, 2013 at 12:15 pm
          3. Aaron

            See, this is where you’re wrong. Isk war does not matter at all, when PL can affordibly replace T3’s like you can replace T1’s.
            It’s like saying it costs $1 for an average Joe and $1000 for a Billionaire. It may be a lot to the Joe, but in the end its still pocket change to a banker.

            Especially when Objectives are involved. PL are trying to achieve X, which they have succeeded in all engagements bar this one, where they.. Seemingly gave the field to Proviblock for more fighting, I guess..?

            Also, when you consider that you are not the only target for Iskies on their killboards, they’re also killing other alliances/groups, which means that 600m Tengu might be on 25 Proviblock BCs + other ships from other groups.

            October 24, 2013 at 12:44 pm
    2. flatterpillo

      lol, yesterday i was too harsh to insidious empire, today its providence, maybe tomorrow i’ll be too harsh to pandemic legion? i report the story on the facts i get from the most neutral standpoint i can. if you feel as if the story was incorrect please feel free to send me a mail in game (flatterpillo) and i will adjust my future battle reports to be more accurate, thank you, p.s i fly with provi-block so yeah….

      October 24, 2013 at 1:39 pm Reply
      1. ground forces

        great reports, flatterpillo. Keep it up. I don’t play eve anymore but reading this stuff makes me nostalgic and happy. Thanks for the effort

        October 24, 2013 at 5:52 pm Reply
  6. Aaron

    Sounds like the attackers opted to allow the defenders the field, so that they may repair the damage done and resume the last few days’ good fights.

    October 24, 2013 at 10:05 am Reply
  7. muh

    I’m still wondering why cup didn’t reinforce that node. Spend 2 hours in to-do on the other side of the universe couz of that fight.

    October 24, 2013 at 11:17 am Reply
  8. Providence region super busy as always ^^ Good work to the Providence residents!

    October 24, 2013 at 12:12 pm Reply
  9. ProviWin
    October 24, 2013 at 12:53 pm Reply
    1. flatterpillo

      Part 4 is on the way, only happened last night
      (not going to write up 22.10.13 since nothing really happened)

      October 24, 2013 at 1:36 pm Reply
      1. Aaron

        Write faster! I want to know what kind of complaints about propaganda you get next!

        That in of itself might be worth an article..

        October 24, 2013 at 1:54 pm Reply
  10. OSSIM bomber bar

    one bomber’s wing was made by Oscura Simmetria. A italian corp ( ) of YF. We bomb enemy of providence from many months.
    you can see us in action:

    9uy is where we live

    is where we will fight

    is where they will die.

    October 24, 2013 at 2:45 pm Reply
  11. morebortsigns

    looks like some fun fights are being had in provi

    October 24, 2013 at 8:31 pm Reply

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