One of our commenters made a question which has kept me thinking all day:

“what if titans had to – by mechanic – bridge with their fleet?”

This is indeed one very good question and I posed it to our editorial staff and they came with some very good comments, Firefox mentioned:

In my opinion, if titans had to bridge with their fleets, you’d be seeing fights start off grid with cynos, since the chance the enemy fleet has a HIC, especially in nullsec, is fairly high. If they don’t stop off grid, you can probably expect a lot more capital / super escalations in fights because someone is probably going to point that titan or it’s going to get caught in a bubble.

Low sec wise, I don’t foresee many of the random drops happening, because it takes one person in lowsec to message someone like Elo Knight, Travis Musgrat, anyone in Shadow Cartel or any local pirates that have dreads to get a titan killed.

It’s just too much of a risk in lowsec for the most part.

In my own opinion, I believe this would be a total game changer, using a titan would be an interesting proposition for the dropping fleet as well as for the hot-dropping fleet. In some sense limiting titan drops to bridge along the fleet would incite far more escalations and less one sided fights, also it would require FC’s to make tactical decision to either risk a titan to smash a smaller entity or simply go balls to the ball and risk a total escalation.

Tell us what do you think of this idea and how do you feel it would change or affect the game?

– R


  1. Guess

    well the idea about mooring clamps for caps and being able to dock x number of frigs/destroyers inside them and x number of BS/cruisers to the mooring clamps on the hull is still a good one I think :)

    October 11, 2013 at 4:15 pm Reply
  2. Death to the blue doughnut

    Just take away the bridge and give them the AOE doomsday back. But make it so the doomsday will only hit BC and bigger ships.

    October 19, 2013 at 9:53 am Reply

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